Fashion Tips for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Wild Geese London Jay Nightshirt

Getting a perfect night’s sleep depends on a lot of factors. Apart from having a good mattress, bedding and pillow that can give you utmost comfort, you need to make sure you wear the perfect night attire so that you can sleep comfortably.

Fashion and sleep do not go hand in hand. You cannot go to bed wearing jeans and stylish tops that are tight and body fitting. To get a perfect night’s sleep you need to keep it simple. Let’s look at some fashion tips you need to follow to get good sleep at night.

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Top Fashion Tips for Getting a Good Sleep

Wear Loose Clothes

Many people like to wear tight clothes all day long and go to bed wearing them too. Wearing tight clothes while sleeping can make you uncomfortable and take your sleep away. You need to understand that sleeping with skin tight clothing can cause serious health problems and even skin diseases. A tight dress also makes it difficult to breathe. Studies have proved that wearing tight clothes at night can stop the production of melatonin that is required for getting good sleep. So, say no to your bra, underwear and tight and body fitting T-shirts when you go to sleep.

Avoid Makeup

Even though you may love putting on makeup, it is good to remove your makeup and wash your face with cold water when you go to bed. Sleeping with makeup can harm your skin and create problems like pimples and rashes as the pores on your skin are clogged. It can also cause discomfort and take away your much needed sleep. So, before you go to sleep, be sure to remove your makeup by washing your face with water and a mild soap/face wash so that you feel fresh and ready to go to bed.

Socks Are Good in Winter

Cold feet in winter can disturb your sleep. To handle cold feet, using colorful socks is a good option. It not only keeps your feet warm and protected from the cold wind, but also allows you to fall asleep faster. In fact, studies have proven that sleeping with socks in winter makes your feet warm and helps to get quick sleep. If you sweat a lot, then, sleeping with the socks on helps to absorb the moisture content from your feet as you continue to sleep without any disturbance.

Go with Cotton

Cotton pajamas or night dress made of cotton material is generally considered the best to wear while sleeping. Cotton is natural, soft and smooth, thus making it the perfect option for night sleep. Cotton dress also allows your skin to breathe easily so your skin will get what it wants during the night time. If you are not comfortable wearing cotton or cotton products, then you can choose any other breathable fabric that you are comfortable wearing. But, keep in mind, your comfort level is very important when it comes to getting 8 hours of sleep.

Say NO to Your Jewelry

Women and jewelry go hand in hand. You cannot take jewelry away from women. But, how about going to bed with your jewelry on? Wearing a high fashioned necklace or earring can make you really uncomfortable when sleeping. Not only that, it can cause damages to your precious jewelry. Therefore, the best way is to keep your jewelry locked in your wardrobe when going to bed.

Do Your Hair

Keep the hair out of your face when you are in bed. Wearing a soft hair mask or silk scarf not only helps you get better sleep but also has numerous benefits for the growth of your hair.

PS: The nightshirt in the image is the Jay that I won in a competition from Wild Geese London – it is probably one of my fave pieces of loungewear and is named after The Great Gatsby so it’s a massive winner for me. Plus it’s in the sale right now, just sayin’.

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  1. Lynsey
    March 11, 2017 / 11:44 pm

    So interesting and it’s made me think about updating my old vest I sleep in, that nightshirt looks lovely.

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