How to: NO HEAT vintage style curls | Vlog

How to: no heat vintage style curls - Grey T shirt & jeans outfit

Anyone who knows me well will know that I don’t do hair – I brush it when I wake up in the morning and wash it every 2 to 3 days, and that’s about it. That’s half because I’m lazy and half because my hair doesn’t like to cooperate. My hairdresser will be the first to tell you just how uncooperative my hair is – it looks fairly normal until you start trying to style, cut or dye it, then it becomes apparent that it’s an untameable mess and is practically impenetrable to being dyed or bleached. It’s got this magical “hidden thickness”, as in it looks like I have a normal amount of hair but there are layers and layers of it underneath that mean it takes hours to dry and hours to curl or straighten. Seriously, when I was a bridesmaid my hair took twice as long to curl as the bride’s and the other two bridesmaids put together – awkward.
It means it also doesn’t hold styles well – heat induced curls will usually be gone within a couple of hours, often leaving my hair straighter than before. Is that even a thing?! I’m imagining it’s something to do with the heat changing the hair molecules or something, but it ends up really straight later on.

How to: no heat vintage style curls - Grey T shirt & jeans outfit

Last week I spotted a picture, I believe on Pinterest (I wish I could remember where!), of someone with their hair wrapped up around a headband that they were using to create a head of natural looking wavey curls. A few years ago, I did a hair tutorial on using how to rag curl your hair (I’d prefer if you didn’t watch that video – awkward!) because at the time I was very into that – I found that using a heat free method to curl my hair meant it stayed in place much longer. I’m assuming it’s better for your hair too – using too much heat can not only dry out your hair but also cause hair loss. But one problem: I find rags really uncomfortable to sleep in and when you’ve got the super thick hair I have, it’s a time consuming process to put them in.

SO, I decided to give the headband trick a go but using a silk scarf instead. This was actually mostly because I didn’t have an elasticated headband but I did have an old silk scarf from my Charity Shop Challenge that I rarely wear nowadays. I now have some elasticated headbands but haven’t tried those yet, but I think the silk scarf might have a positive which is that it stops my hair from going too frizzy with this which it did sometimes with rag curls. So over the weekend, after washing my hair one evening, I tied the scarf around my head, over the top of my hair and tucked my hair all around it. And it worked! Like, seriously, it worked.

I ended up with day long natural, very vintage style, wavey curls. They’re not full on ringlet curls, more like the 40s style waves or I guess you could even manipulate it properly, if you had skillz that I don’t, into 20s style waves too.

How to: no heat vintage style curls - Grey T shirt & jeans outfit

And so I decided to share my newfound skill with you but realised it’s really difficult to explain how to do the tie-and-tuck in writing. And so yes, I filmed another video! I’m hoping that you can actually see what I’m doing in this well enough – half of the video was 7.30am before work this morning, so yes, I was half asleep. Let me know if you try it out and what you think!

And finally, some words on the outfit and the photos. I thought the post needed some proper photos to show off the hair “in action” so got Ben to snap some very quick ones before work. These are using my new Canon EOS M10 – I love it (but don’t tell Ben because he chose this when I really wanted an Olympus Pen because I’m so stereotypical blogger but he suggested I try this one…). I’ve taken a couple more sets of photos but not got round to sharing them yet – oops.
This is a day at work outfit so pretty casual and simple. I’m wearing my new fave jeans (worn here) and a new T shirt from Boden, found via Love the Sales for only £13.80. I’m very into grey at the moment, and I really love the look of simple tees worn with mom fit jeans right now. This T shirt is super soft and has a lovely loose fit that’s very not me, but I like it. The shoes are my spring staple ones – I always get a pair in this cap toe style around this time of year and wear them to death.
To be honest, I should have gone pin-up or retro style in my outfit with the vintage look hair, but I had this outfit picked out and I wasn’t going to go changing it before 8am!

NO HEATVintage Style Curls

Outfit Details

Black Cardigan: Hell Bunny | Grey Tee: Boden c/o Love the Sales | Tan Leather Belt: ASOS | Farleigh Mom Jeans: ASOS | Cap Toe Pumps: Dorothy Perkins

How to: no heat vintage style curls - Grey T shirt & jeans outfit


  1. Lynsey
    March 16, 2017 / 11:14 am

    Super curls, they look great! My 15yr old daughter does amazing things with her bum length hair, she twists and adds kitchen roll and bobby pins and then puts a tshirt on her head and then has fab waves and curls. Mine is naturally curly but the back is never as curly as the front and it’s the same as you, if I add heat curls with a straightener or wand they drop out very fast but maybe I should try no heat curls??

    • Sian Thomas
      March 30, 2017 / 10:06 am

      I’m always very envious of people who can do amazing things like that with their hair – this is the full extent of my skills 😀 I’d definitely recommend giving no heat ones a go 🙂

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