A Simple Outfit & A New Camera: Canon EOS M10 Review

Grey Simply Be Coat, Jeans & Mustard Scarf outfit

I have such a #firstworldproblem right now – I have too many blog post ideas and not enough time to write them! Life is hard, you guys. I’ve had my new camera for probably over a month now (in fact, I know exactly when I bought it as it was the very next day that I got super ill with the bug going round so I didn’t get to use it for a while!). I’ve mentioned it a couple of times but not actually told you much about it!

So I really wanted an Olympus Pen – I was thinking the Olympus Pen E-PL7 since there’s now a new one (the E-PL8) which doesn’t have a huge amount of new features, so I thought the 7 would now be a bit cheaper. But it turned out it was quite difficult to find, and it wasn’t all that much cheaper. So Ben strongly suggested that I think about what it was that I really wanted out of a new camera and see if there were any others out there. I was then a spoilt brat and insisted I wanted the Olympus Pen because that’s what I wanted and what was so wrong with that?!
Then I looked more closely at what it was I wanted – something that had a flip up screen (because…selfies, okay?!), something that had video capabilities that were better than my existing DSLR, and finally, something that was a bit more lightweight than my DSLR so that I can take it more places but still be of good quality. I also really liked the idea of it having some form of connectivity to my phone to make outfit photo taking easier (rather than the old self-timer and run).

Grey Simply Be Coat, Jeans & Mustard Scarf outfit

Psst: spot the cat in some of these pics!

The Olympus fitted all these things, but there were a few problems when I looked closer: the screen flipped down instead of up, which wouldn’t work with my tripod; it was quite a bit more expensive than other similar cameras; and most of all, I’d need to buy all new lenses for it.
And so it turned out that, yes, of course, I was being swayed by its pretty looks. I know, I’m such a blogger, but how pretty would it look on Instagram?! (With shots taken with another camera or phone…) And to be honest, pretty looks aren’t worth that extra couple of hundred pounds really.

So Ben suggested we take a trip down to Currys, just so I could hold a few others in my hands and see what they felt like. He knows how to sell something to me – once it’s in my hands, I fall in love! I did some research first and discovered the Canon EOS M10 fit my brief pretty well (aside from the vintage prettiness, although it doesn’t look too bad!), then I got to test it out in store, and actually, I really liked it. I liked it so much in fact that I bought it there and then. My DSLR is a Canon EOS Rebel T3/1110D so I’m used to the way that they work and their interface. You’d imagine that the lenses fit, but actually the new camera takes slightly different ones – however I did manage to get an adaptor for only £23 on Amazon though which allows me to use all my old DSLR lenses on it, so that’s perfect – saves the hundreds of pounds that I was willing to spend on brand new Olympus lenses!

Grey Simply Be Coat, Jeans & Mustard Scarf outfit

I’ve now used the camera for a variety of things: filming (you may have noticed a few of my videos on YouTube – I’m really getting into it!); outfits (here!) and a trip to the Peak District with my mum and sister. So far, I’m really impressed. The quality is fantastic – both for video and photos. It’s not quite as quick as my DSLR at snapping away and there are a few features missing, but I plan to keep hold of my DSLR anyway for when I’m feeling more “photographic” – the new camera will be used mostly for video, holidays and quick snaps out and about. Plus it has an app which connects my phone to my camera so I can see what the camera is seeing on my phone screen then trigger it using that – I need a bit more practice but it’s been an excellent addition so far.

Grey Simply Be Coat, Jeans & Mustard Scarf outfit

And the point being – I took these outfit photos with it! Using the phone as a remote (and thus a bit of a prop too ;D) and with the kit lens on it – I’m quite impressed!
A quick note on the outfit – new fave jeans which I’m wearing pretty much constantly nowadays (you saw them here and here). This coat has become an absolute staple in my day to day – it’s slightly smarter so makes me feel grown up and fashiony – I like it. The top I bought in Collectif’s sale (and wore here in a completely different way) is another staple. Then finally the scarf, which was a Christmas present from my mum and took a bit of hassle for her to secure as I spotted it at a Christmas fair and strongly hinted towards. She then had to contact the company to try and reserve it, but they were still at the fair with no phone signal so it was a case of her crossing her fingers that no one bought it during the day – which they didn’t, yay! I love the mustard colour and the fact it makes my outerwear look a little more interesting.

Outfit Details

Grey Coat: SimplyBe* | Scarf: Christmas Fair | Top: Collectif | Tan Belt: ASOS | Farleigh Mom Jeans: ASOS | Cap Toe Pumps: Dorothy Perkins

 Grey Simply Be Coat, Jeans & Mustard Scarf outfit


  1. March 23, 2017 / 7:20 am

    I’ve been wishing for an Olympus Pen too but I have a Canon 60D and I’m not in dire need of a new camera anyway so there’s that aha. Your new camera sounds lovely! x

    Erin x | Erin Azmir Blog

    • Sian Thomas
      March 30, 2017 / 10:07 am

      The Olympus Pen is just so pretty, but like you, I wasn’t in dire need of one! I’m definitely glad I went for the Canon M10 though – it’s made me suddenly getting into vlogging!

  2. Lynsey
    March 23, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    I wouldn’t know where to start with a camera ? I’m utterly clueless! I’ve only just started taking photos of myself to put on Instagram (which I’ve just joined, I have so much to learn!!) maybe if I can keep it up then I can upgrade from my iPhone 5 to a proper (grownup) camera ☺️

    • Sian Thomas
      March 30, 2017 / 10:08 am

      I do a lot of Googling to figure out what I’m doing with cameras 😀 Ooh, what’s your Instagram?

      • Lynsey
        March 30, 2017 / 11:53 am

        My Instagram is Lynsey_makes, I will click the link above to find you. It’s a whole new addictive world!!

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