Launching Today! Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

Tell me, guys, who are your favourite authors? I always find this question SUPER hard – well, I find any question that asks me to pick a favourite anything super hard. I’m a typical Libra, what can I say. But throw books and authors into the equation and you’ve left me reeling. I do have one way that I can force my brain into answering the question though: if I’m in a book shop, aside from the bestsellers, which section will I go to first?
Well, I tend to head straight to fiction or YA, of course. And with those being alphabetical, I’ll head to one of 3 sections of the alphabet to check out: G for Carol Goodman, F for F Scott Fitzgerald and A for Cecelia Ahern. The first and the last I’m looking to check that no new books have been released without my knowledge because I know that I love every single previous book that author has written; F. Scott Fitzgerald, I’m just looking for different editions and covers of The Great Gatsby because I only have my old school copy which is annotated and slightly ruined and a Kindle copy.

So Cecelia Ahern is where I’m going with this. I read PS, I Love You not long after it was first released I believe (that was 2004 and I was 13, so I might have been a bit late to the party actually now I’m looking – I think I was about 15 when I read it!). But nevertheless, I’ve since then steadfastly worked my way through every one of her novels when they’ve been released (although I have to confess Lyrebird is still on my shelf unread, sshh!).

Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

I couldn’t believe it last year when I picked a book off NetGalley based on the description then went to check the author as I was writing my review and realised it was Cecelia Ahern – how did I miss that?! That book was Flawed, Cecelia’s debut YA novel and the bestselling YA debut novel of 2016 too, and I loved it. Telling the story of a not too distant future in which breaking a rule means that you are branded (quite literally!) “Flawed” forever. That person becomes an outcast in society, and it’s not too difficult to figure out what’s going to happen to the main character, Celestine, when she makes an impulse decision one day. That book really stuck with me – it got me thinking and for weeks afterwards, I’d be judging my every move based on whether it would be deemed right or wrong in that society.

So I was SO happy when I discovered that the sequel to Flawed, called Perfect, was being released this month – today in fact! Plus they launched a fun interactive Perfect/Flawed quiz so that you can figure out whether your actions would deem you Flawed or Perfect…here’s what I ended up with:

Flawed Perfect Quiz

I’m FLAWED with 4 brands and a morality score of 30% – oops!! But as the quiz says “As Celestine knows, to be flawed is to be perfect” ;D

So the new book, Perfect, released on the 6th April (and you can buy it here) follows our heroine Celestine again who is now on the run with Carrick. I can’t post any spoilers and ruin it for you, but if you enjoyed Flawed or Cecelia’s other books, you’re going to love this!

Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

I was provided with a copy of the book for review by the publishers.

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