What to pack for a yoga retreat

What to pack for a yoga retreat

It’s only a few days until my yoga retreat now, eek! I’m really excited but also a little nervous still as I don’t know what to expect – one thing I am certain of though is that I’m sure I’m really going to enjoy it!

I wasn’t sure what to pack for the retreat, as it’s fairly nearby me in North Yorkshire (Raithwaite Estate – read more about it here) which isn’t exactly known for its sunny and warm climes. I’m not sure how long we’ll be spending outdoors, what the yoga practice areas will be like and where we’ll be, so I’ve packed a variety of different yoga outfits, plus plenty of layers. Practically 80% of my yoga wear is from Lidl, it turns out! I’ve got leggings in 3 different lengths, various vests and a T shirt, plus two top layers too, also yoga socks, arm warmers and gloves – I’m pretty sure I’m well prepared!

I decided in the end that the best thing to do would be a quick video to show what I’m taking with me, so that’s up on my YouTube today – check it out here:

As you can see, I’ve also packed a couple of other bits and pieces of clothing too as there are a couple of evening meals where I’m sure we won’t be in yoga clothing! Plus the arriving and going home bit will need normal clothes too (I think?! Although I’m happy to wear yoga clothes all day long every day!).

Do you have any recommendations on anything else I need to pack?

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