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Tips for Business Storage and Cost Management

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Running a business is hard work – no matter what the size of business they run, many commercial leaders fail to take on board small things like just how much storage costs are eating into their profits. Like all costs, those that are associated with storage come off your bottom line. However, storage is not – or more accurately should not be – about a fixed level of expenditure. In other words, there are things that all business people can do to lower their storage spending and that starts by viewing it as something other than an overhead which you can do little about.
So read on to discover the business storage tips that will save your company money. If you don’t own a business, these are still helpful because you can share them with friends or family with a business background.

Lower Costs With Pallet Racking Systems

Because they integrate seamlessly with your goods-in operation by being able to accept pallets without the need for them to be unpacked, pallet racking systems improve efficiency. Not only do they mean that your goods-in operation becomes less clogged up – thereby meaning you need to devote fewer square metres to it – they maximise the vertical space of your warehouse or storage room so that you gain additional capacity. Furthermore, pallet racking systems are flexible and can be altered to meet new demands. For example if you have high density inventory, you can choose push back pallet racking from WarehouseStorageSolutions.

Warehousing Software Systems

If you are still relying on paperwork to know where everything is in your storeroom, then you will inevitably lose items here or there or spend longer looking for items that are not where they ought to be. By running inventory software with scanners and barcodes, which a relatively cheap to invest in nowadays, your operation becomes speedier and more efficient overnight. Software running this kit helps to keep track of everything without wasting time and effort. Indeed, you will end up needing to pay fewer warehouse operatives to get the same job done as a result of this sort of investment.

Lower Your Aisle Width

Reorganising the layout of your warehouse may sound like a big undertaking, but by doing so you should be able to maximise the use of the space and lower costs for temporary additional storage facilities. The more you can fit into the space you already rent, the less extra expenditure you will face. By reducing the aisle width of your facility, you should be able to fit more racking or shelving into the same space. Lifting equipment can fit into small aisles these days and picking trolleys are highly maneuverable, so aisle reduction does not impact negatively on the ability to operate as usual. Aisle Master can help you to increase storage capacity to a great extent.

Mezzanine Floors

When businesses expand, they often require more administrative space for office workers as well as greater room for storage. In such cases, significant costs can be borne by a business as it moves to premises with more space or by hiring a satellite office. However, you can take a lower cost option and install a mezzanine floor in your current premises which will allow you to expand your warehouse and office but without the need to move or have two business premises apart from one another. Quick to install, mezzanine floors can all but double your current space for working in.

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