Another TWO Bank Holidays spent in the garden!

We’ve been SUPER lucky with the weather lately – both the Bank Holiday weekends in May (and I’m always surprised that we have two – I never remember!) were lovely and sunny. Plus they fell really nicely in that we had the Monday off before going to Florida then had a week back at work before getting another Monday off – awesome!

Over the Easter bank holiday, Ben and I managed to get loads done in the garden, and I just wanted to share a couple of snaps of how we spent our May bank holidays in the garden too, hence this post! The first weekend was spent on building this and populating it with tomatoes, lettuce and our lemon tree:


The second weekend, we spent painting it and adding more lettuce, rocket and more tomatoes:

Duck egg painted greenhouse

It’s actually not completely painted yet and that’s still to do, so I thought I’d give you a quick run down of the rest of the stuff we’ve got to do in the garden still before summer’s up – even though technically it’s barely just started! The building of the greenhouse/shed (I haven’t yet decided which one it is) wasn’t too bad in the end – it came flatpacked and looked like it was going to be hard work. There were a couple of bits that weren’t very clear in the instructions and meant that we ended up having to take one section apart and put it back together to make sure that everything was lined up properly, but we got there in the end!

So as you can see, we’ve still got to finish painting the greenhouse – the inside isn’t done and only half of the roof (because I wasn’t tall enough and we ran out of time!). But we’ve also got the fence to finish painting that we started last year…and never finished, whoops. In fact, a lot of the stuff in that post never got done last summer but we’ve got plenty of time!

The decking that we were considering in that post (and in my defence, I did say maybe it would be this year rather than last year!) is one that we might try to focus on later in summer. We’ve got a gap between the garden room and garage that’s just paved and isn’t particularly pretty that then turns into a fairly boggy grassy area – it’s in the shade all the time and is ever so slightly sloped down towards our door which means it’s always pretty damp there, so the grass just looks rubbish! Ideally we’d love to get some wooden decking like these from Travis Perkins – we had this at our old house and it was perfect for having the garden furniture and barbecue on, so I’d really like similar in this one.

The final thing to do is something with the front garden! It’s pretty standard with box hedging that the last people had put in on top of gravel. It’s fine, but not what I would have chosen. I’d love to have some grass there (although cutting it wouldn’t be the easiest), but I’d also like a bench out the front too as the sun really hits there more than anywhere else. With the wedding planning for next year though, I imagine this is one that’s still going to be on the back burner!

How were your May Bank Holiday weekends? Did you manage to spend some time outdoors?

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  1. Lynsey
    May 31, 2017 / 8:36 am

    I love your green house, such a lovely addition to a garden and so much nicer than the old glass ones. We went with some decking on a shaded area and some decent fake grass which is fab and no mowing! I enjoyed the two extra days off, did some sewing, gardening and little outings

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