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A few years ago, everyone’s concern when buying a mobile phone was the software and services that the target device offered. Today, most of your favourite applications, services and features can be found in any smartphone regardless of the operating system. Consequently, when buying a smartphone, what you should think about is which hardware and features will enable you to utilise the services you love most fully. Every operating system in the market today, particularly Android, iPhone Operating System (iOS) and Windows Phone have their strengths and weaknesses. However, a majority of the numerous services you need on a smartphone like fast, high-resolution cameras can be accomplished with any of the three smartphone operating systems. Here are some of the devices with the strongest features that you need to keep in mind if your lifestyle is a consideration when choosing smartphones.

The Best Android Smartphone

Motorola Moto X is the best smartphone running on Android OS. This device has, however, not gathered much fame. It features a 5.2-inch display, has a smooth shape and runs some unique features, such as Moto Voice and active notifications that give it an advantage over the competition. Most experts consider this phone as the best Android smartphone ever built.

The Best Big Display Devices

If you fancy large smartphone devices, the Samsung Galaxy note 4 should be your choice. Not only does this device have a huge screen, but it also features one of the most beautiful displays on the market today. It features a 13MP camera, adequate horsepower and a premium body. Also, this device offers a natural writing experience for those people who use Evernote.

Water Proof

Most water resistant smartphones come with less advanced features like poor camera, excessive weight or less appealing display. If you are not willing to make this compromise, you should opt for the Sony Xperia Z3. Despite being waterproof, this device comes with an elegant design. Additionally, it will amaze you with performance, a long-lasting battery life and the ability to take pictures underwater. This phone has a 20.7 MP rear camera; however, it has a somewhat complicated setting menu.

Smartphone Camera

When it comes to taking shots with your smartphone, megapixels should not be your only concern, but the software and hardware should be considered as well. With that in mind, if you fancy mobile photography, you should definitely opt for the iPhone 6 plus. This device activates its camera with incredible speed. It also comes with very advanced optical image stabilisation software and quite impressive video chops. Additionally, this device performs well regardless of the conditions, including low light or when being used under the sun.

The Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now known to be the best smartphone in the world. It has an amazing Infinity Edge display that takes up about 85% of its body. When it comes to the combination of looks and performance, this device definitely gives its competitors a run for their money. Apart from aesthetics, the S8 has leading specs in the smartphone industry and has a long lasting battery and an excellent working camera. This is definitely the phone to go for, it is worth looking at comparison websites like Broadband Choices for the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy S8

When it comes to hardware design, the S8 is the complete package. It is the most appealing phone in you will ever come across. Additionally, it has terrific performance with unique advanced features that include:

  • Smart stay- This feature keeps the phone on, so long as you are looking at it.
  • Game launcher- It separates your games from the other apps.
  • Single hand mode- You can swipe the screen to one corner allowing you to operate the phone with one hand.
  • Security- It comes with a fingerprint sensor to reduce the chances of theft while enhancing privacy.
  • Quick launch camera- You only need to double tap the power button to launch it.
  • Multi-window- You can operate two apps at the same time on the same screen.
  • Smart alert- When you pick up the phone, and you have notifications, the app allows the phone to vibrate.
  • Video enhancer- This enhances the quality of the videos.

Apart from these features, this Samsung S8 has combined almost all of the strengths of other smartphones, making it the best and most advanced handheld device in the world today.
Taste and preferences vary between different individuals when it comes to choosing a smartphone. However, there are features that generally render give a smartphone competitive edge. For instance, some will have longer lasting batteries while others are needed for more complicated situations like water resistance for divers or for those who just love water photography. One of the best smartphones that offers both basic and advanced features is the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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