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We’re only part way through planning the wedding (I’ve got a lot of posts on that to come soon!) but I’m already starting to think about the next step: Honeymoon! Having just come back from Florida (and I’ve got loooads to post about that soon too!) and having no more holidays booked now, we’re thinking about what to do next. Actually, Ben and I had started discussing honeymoon possibilities on the plane back from Florida!

Honeymoon was actually one of the only wedding-related things we slightly disagreed on: I wanted to do something that was really out of the ordinary and once in a lifetime, whereas Ben wanted to do something a little “safer”, if that makes sense, something that he knew we would enjoy but was more than the usual holiday. I was thinking deserted tropical islands, treks through the wilderness, where he was thinking luxury European travels.

After a lot of research, we’ve now come to a bit more of a decision, although narrowing it down further is proving difficult: we’ve decided to go across the pond to America and do a couple of weeks in different locations. Now it’s just a case of deciding which of our many ideas to go with!

America is always going to be my favourite place to travel. I’ve been going there since my first trip to Disney when I was 6 and I’ve been to more places across the US (and Canada) than I have been in the UK, thanks to RV road trips my family has taken over the years. I just love the fact that there are so many different landscapes and sights to see in a single country (I can totally understand why stats say that only 36% of Americans have a passport) – which is why we want to do a week in one place, a week somewhere else.

So first up, we’re considering whether Las Vegas might be one stop on our travels. I know quite a few people who have visited and now keep going back year after year because they enjoy it so much. It’s not only the casinos that are such a draw to the city but apparently the hotels themselves are sights that must be seen. They actually say you can “travel the world” without even leaving the Strip! The Bellagio for instance is home to a replica of Lake Como; the Venetian has gondolas and its own St. Mark’s Square; there’s even an Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas! On top of all that, there are enough shows and concerts to see you through not only every day of your trip, but every day of the year.

We wouldn’t just stay in the city though if we went there – it all starts to be a bit much if you’re in a city all the time. But no worries because there’s the Hoover Dam nearby and you can take trips to the Grand Canyon. Seriously, how awesome would it be do to that by helicopter?! This article is pretty awesome for showing just how many different things there are to do around Las Vegas – in fact, reading that I’m starting to understand why people keep going back to the Strip time after time!

So that’s only one option for our honeymoon ideas! Stay tuned because I’ve got a few more options that we’re considering to put to you!

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