November Rain Poncho

November Rain poncho review

If you follow any of my social media, you’ll probably know that I’ve just come back from Florida. Okay, it was 2 weeks ago now but yes, my watch is still set to the Florida timezone, and yes, I am still singing Disney songs at every opportunity!

One thing that you might not know about Florida if you haven’t been before is that it can be pretty rainy, as in heavy rain showers and thunderstorms every afternoon throughout the summer months especially. Not that many people realise this because pictures of Disney always look super hot and sunny, and that’s because Florida rain showers are usually quick but very heavy – we’ve even taken to comparing rain at home on a 1 to “Florida rain” scale!

So now you know a bit more about Florida rain, you’ll know why it was of utmost importance that I have an awesome poncho to take with me to Florida. The thing is that because the rest of the weather is usually hot and sunny, you tend to persevere through the rain showers so you’ll notice that everyone is pulling rain cover ups out of their bags when those raindrops start falling. Barely anyone has umbrellas and proper rain coats are too warm and sticky, so everyone and their dog (actually, quite literally…) will be wearing ponchos.

November Rain poncho review

The Disney ones might look awesome and make a cool souvenir, but they’re pretty expensive for what they are and are easily damaged. I had this one a few years ago but it was getting old and a bit tattered looking – plus it made me look like a giant marshmallow (I don’t have an issue with that, my family did!):

Epcot in the rain

So when I was offered a poncho to review from November Rain, I was really pleased because it was just what I was looking for! I chose the “Tribe” style which was more interesting than the plain one and I really liked the turquoise, green and blue colour scheme. It’s lightweight but still plenty sturdy enough to withstand being dragged through various theme parks, in and out of suitcases and the Florida rain – it’s very waterproof and has a hood too.

The only problem? We barely got a single drop of the aforementioned rain!! After experiencing what can only be described as torrential rain on every other Florida trip we’ve done (this was my 10th!), we only had teeny bits of rain here and there, so my poncho didn’t even get to prove its mettle in Florida. The only solution is to go back again soon to give it another chance ;D But seriously, Florida was going through a drought when we were there – everywhere was dusty and dry, and they were praying for rain.

November Rain poncho review

Anyway, I’d been keeping the poncho in my car in case of any rain emergencies back home and fortunately (never usually a fortunately in my books, I hate rain!) it did rain on the day we were looking round our wedding venue. So I grabbed it out of the car and forced Ben into taking some photos of me wearing it in front of the lake that you’ll one day see in the background of our wedding photos, but from the other angle! Unfortunately the rain doesn’t make for brilliant photos, but you can at least see how awesome this poncho is!

November Rain poncho review

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