8 Ways to Revamp Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Closet with two sliding doors

Sliding wardrobe doors breathe a dose of elegance to every home – we have them in our spare room and definitely wouldn’t go back to normal wardrobes again. But with all their benefits, sliding doors are notorious for being particularly hard to decorate and pair with certain styles. This is especially true for glass sliding doors. However, particularly hard does not mean impossible.

There are several ways you can breathe new life to your wardrobe. There is a wide range of sliding door designs and decorating options that can help you revamp your wardrobe door without worrying about destroying the appeal of your room.

The experts at Sliding Solutions helped us pick out the best 10 ways to redecorate your sliding wardrobe door.

Use Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your old sliding door can have a drastic impact on the look of your room. Not only are they practical, in that they let you pick out the best attire, they brighten up any room and create an illusion of a bigger space.

Repaint Them

This is probably the most obvious way to reinvent your worn-out wardrobe door. Sure, it might be a messy job, but someone has to do it. You can use the chance to replace your old bland colour with contemporary hues or even interesting patterns like stripes.

Cover them with a Wallpaper

If you are planning on using wallpapers to redecorate your walls, why not go one step further and cover your sliding door as well. You could use self-adhesive wallpaper featuring an interesting pattern to refresh your room and your wardrobe door.

Choose Cork or Felt

Though not that common, felt is a great choice for your new sliding door. While not many homeowners go for this material, it could add a more organic vibe to your room. And you can hang as many post-it notes as you want.

Consider Shoji Doors

Originating from Japan, these doors consist of a wooden frame and transparent paper or plastic windows. Popular with both wardrobe doors as well as patio doors, Shoji screens will add an exotic note to your interior.

Cover with Film

If you don’t want to completely replace your wardrobe door, but want a different design, adding a layer of film is an easy and viable option. Cover your sliding door with frosted, translucent or plain window film. It can help you highlight the theme of your room and add more style to it.

Chalkboard Doors

Using a chalkboard is great to decorate the wardrobe door in your kids’ room. Your kids can have fun scribbling on the door and adding their own, unique signature to your style.

Replace the Handles

Sometimes, replacing the hardware is all you need to revamp your wardrobe door. There are many stylish knobs on the market that can help you achieve the look you are going for. Apart from being the cheapest solution on this list, it is likely the fastest one as well.

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