A Guide to Sicily for Family Holidays

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There is something about getting out of the daily routine, especially as a family, which can prove invaluable. Apparently two-thirds of conversations between parent and child are about their daily routines, so a trip away can be the perfect way to shake this up. Whether you want to travel to a relaxing destination or enjoy a staycation ten minutes down the road, family holidays are a great way for everyone to relax and bond. If you are planning a family holiday, here are some reasons why Sicily is the perfect destination.

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The Beaches

With beach towels and sun cream, you are ready to hit the beaches in Sicily. There are seaside spots to stop at all around the island, so you certainly have plenty of choice. You and your family can decide to check out the beaches close to town, more secluded beaches with beautiful coves or beaches where you’ll run into fewer umbrellas and more locals. Mondello, for example, is Palermo’s beach not too far away from the city. Soft sand and crystal clear water is a theme you will notice throughout the beaches in Sicily. If you want a more private location away from all the noise, Calamosche (Noto) is a bit more work to get to but worth that extra effort. You can park your car and walk 1km to get the beach, where you’ll be greeted by nature and nature only.


The Food

Sicily has wonderful weather, the surrounding sea and fertile land which seems to be the perfect combination for the most delicious fresh ingredients that would please even the most fussy eaters in the family. So many memories are made around the dining table, especially in Sicily, and it is a great way for happy and relaxed family bonding. This also means fresh produce and seafood to remember. The pistachios are a specialty, the lemons are large and flavorful and the olives keep you going for more. There are local pasta dishes, classic pizzas and arancini (fried rice balls) with all sorts of filling choices. If you enjoy dessert, cannoli (fried dough filled with sweetened ricotta) are a must or a refreshing granita (ground ice with sugar and fresh fruit). Eating out is also very good value as you will find a multi-course dinner for the price you might pay for a couple of drinks back home!

The Villas

Accommodation can make a big impact on your holiday (both good and bad). Staying in cramped quarters or having too much separation between rooms can lead to grumpy kids and parents. Staying in a villa is a wonderful idea because it gives the space and privacy that is very much so appreciated during family travel. The price of renting out one villa could even be the cost-effective solution versus renting a couple rooms in a hotel. Plus, the villas have the extra special touch of kitchens you can fill with wonderful local produce should you choose to forgo eating out for every meal. You can even find locally owned luxury villas in Sicily to rent from companies such as Wishsicily. Keep an eye out for ones with a private pool, BBQ area and/or spacious gardens.

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The Activities

Family holidays tends to go smoother when some activities are planned out in advance so you can feel happy in the knowledge you or the kids aren’t going to be bored. You of course have the beautiful seaside in Sicily so kayaking and swimming are classic options but you can also take a trip up to Madonie National Park where you’ll find a playground in the woods, perfect for family members of all ages! There is also Mount Etna, the tallest still active volcano in Europe, where you can enjoy a day hike and have a nice picnic with a beautiful view.

Whether you want a relaxing holiday by the pool or beach, or an adventure holiday full of hiking and incredible nature, or even an educational and cultured trip- Sicily really does offer something for everyone.

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