Honeymoon Planning: Breckenridge

Breckenridge Bob Winsett
Image Credit: Bob Winsett/Breckenridge Tourism Office

I talked recently about how we’re already starting to plan our honeymoon, despite not even having everything booked for the wedding yet, eek! We’ve decided that we won’t be going immediately after the wedding in May as we’re getting married on a Bank Holiday weekend and it’ll be May half term afterwards. Since we don’t have children or jobs that tie us to school holidays, we like to make the most of travelling out of school holidays. Instead we’re planning to book a couple of weeks off in late September to make the most of a month that’s usually fairly quiet for tourists.

As previously mentioned, we’re wanting to do one week in one location, one week in another, but both locations in the US. I’ve travelled America fairly extensively thanks to several RV trips with my family and it’s a place I know and love, so I want to experience some of those places with Ben too. I’ve got LOTS of favourite areas to visit in America – Florida (of course), Virginia and Oregon all come high up on my list, but the trip we did to and around Yellowstone was my absolute favourite. Because of this,  the region around Colorado, Utah and Wyoming is somewhere that I’ve always wanted to revisit.

I’ve actually been twice to Colorado, once on the trip I just mentioned, another time when we were skiing in Snowmass. Both times I loved the area, but I think it was the second time, when we travelled through in summer, that I loved it the most, and so it’s managed to work its way up to the top of my list of places for one week of our honeymoon.

WheelerTrailRun- LiamDoran
Image Credit: Liam Doran/Breckenridge Tourism Office

Breckenridge is one option we’re considering very strongly because there’s so much to do there and it seems like a pretty easy place to get to compared to other places in Colorado. When we went to Aspen, we ended up needing to get 4 flights – yes, 4 flights – to get there. Manchester to London, London to Chicago, Chicago to Denver, Denver to Aspen. Except there was a huge storm in Chicago and we were stuck on the tarmac for hours and hours. And missed the next 2 flights. That was fun…
Anyway, Breckenridge fortunately looks a lot easier to get to! We’re ideally looking at flights to Denver from either Manchester or Newcastle, and there seem to be ones that will get you there with only 1 stop, London Heathrow. So actually, we could just get a train down there which wouldn’t be too bad.

We’re looking at hiring a car for a week too, so it would be easy enough to pack it up and drive our own way to Breckenridge from Denver International Airport.

So what is there to do in Breckenridge? The town is probably more known for its skiing and snowboarding, but like I said, I loved Colorado even more in the summer than I did in the winter. The area is just full of National Forests, State Parks and even National Parks. I have a life goal of visiting every National Park in America (I’m on my way – 14 out of 59 as far as I can remember!), and as a family, we’ve always loved checking out visitor centres in any and every State Park or National Forest we come across. Ben has been slowly initiated into this now too, so seeing as he’s never been to Colorado, I think a few National Forest visitor centre trips would be in order for him!

SUP in Breckenridge
Image Credit: Jesse Unruh/Breckenridge Tourism Office

When the mountain isn’t covered in snow, it’s the perfect opportunity to check out the local fauna and flora, either by hiking or biking (I’m a poet!). You can also go horseback riding (but good luck to me getting Ben on one, he’s terrified of horses!) or try stand up paddleboarding – since I’m completely and utterly in love with SUP yoga now since my retreat (I’ve got about 3 or 4 posts to publish still just on SUP yoga!), that’s most definitely something I’d be doing!

And aside from the outdoor activities, there are the obvious shops (look how gorgeous the buildings look in that first image!) and restaurants, plus Breckenridge seems to host plenty of events too. There’s Oktoberfest, which despite the name suggesting otherwise, happens in early to mid September in Breckenridge and would be something that Ben would definitely be interested in going to! This site has a lot more ideas too of things to see and do there, so make sure to check it out.

So, all that would be left to do is to find accommodation in Breckenridge, so I’m going to be checking that out soon. Make sure to stop by again soon as I discuss more – yes, more! – possible honeymoon destinations!

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