Make Your Small Bathroom Feel A Lot Bigger With Ease


Bathrooms are probably the most popular room in the house to do up and renovate. Everyone dreams of having a huge open bathroom, but a lot of us aren’t gifted with enough space in our house. So, we have to make do with a small bathroom.

Fear not, this doesn’t mean our bathroom has to feel small and cramped. In fact, there are many ways in which you can make your small bathroom feel a lot bigger, and I’ve listed some here:

Make The Most Of Storage Space

Bathroom clutter can be a real pest and make your small bathroom feel even smaller. If you’re trying to complete your morning routine and are wading through bottles and tubs, then you have a problem. It can really clutter the sink area, which just makes the whole bathroom feel cramped. What you can do is make the most of storage space to get rid of the clutter. Install cabinets in your bathroom, or get your hands on some shelves too. Make good use of the walls in your bathroom and get clutter into storage spaces to keep the bathroom clean. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger your bathroom will feel when you declutter and keep it decluttered.

Get Rid Of Towel Clutter

We need towels in our bathroom for obvious reasons, but they can take up lots of space if they’re just chucked on the floor and left there. This can often leave your bathroom feeling a lot smaller than it is, simply because the towels give the illusion there’s no floor space. Some people may say that you can just keep towels in a separate cupboard outside the bathroom and this does make sense. But, that’s usually for the towels that aren’t being used. Instead, you should get a bathroom radiator that doubles as a towel rack. When you buy bathroom radiators from the experts, they’ll always tell you which ones are best suited as towel racks too. This gives you somewhere to hang your towels on when you’re done with them. Thus, you free up floor space and make your bathroom feel a lot bigger.

Only Use A Shower

There’s always a big debate over whether or not you should have a bath or shower in your bathroom. But, for the sake of saving space, there’s only one winner here. A shower takes up far less room than a bath and can make your bathroom feel so much bigger. Baths can sometimes be so big that they take up half a bathroom or more. Showers can literally be small cubicles that fit in the corner and take up very little space. So, if you’re really desperate to make your bathroom feel bigger, then you’re going to have to sacrifice those long baths in the evening. Who knows, the fact you can only shower may speed things up and make you wash quicker every morning or evening too!

Think about this advice if you’re keen to make your bathroom feel more spacious and make the most out of the room you have available.

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