Outfit: Heart of Haute Roses are Red

Collectif top with Heart of Haute Artisan skirt

It feels like foreverrr since I’ve done an outfit post, even though they’re my favourite to do. I’ve almost forgotten how I normally write one – I guess I’ll just ramble as usual!

Life has been fairly busy recently, but pretty much all by my own doing rather than anything external. I’ve been doing a lot of out-of-work and out-of-blog (at least this one!) writing that I’m sure I’ll be sharing some time soon. I did make “writing” one of my big goals for 2017 though, so I suppose at least I’m sticking to a goal for once. And actually some of the writing is fictional, possibly as a result of the Creative Writing Diploma I’m doing – I think it’s given me the confidence to be able to get the words out of my head, start develop some characters and stories and do something with them. I can’t promise it’s the best stuff ever written, but at least it’s going down on paper (and screen) for a start.

The problem is that I get a little bit obsessive over things – you can probably tell! If I like something, I don’t just like it, I love it. And I want to do it every minute of the day. Any idea I get is an obsession. And currently I have a few of these: sewing, yoga, reading and writing. And fitness on top of that – fortunately the DOMS you get from the Cross Fit style exercises I’m doing mean I’m only limited to so many days of doing it!

Collectif top with Heart of Haute Artisan skirt Collectif top with Heart of Haute Artisan skirt

And speaking of Tough Mudder – yeh. I wasn’t supposed to be doing it! At work, we support a charity for a local 5 year old boy with muscular dystrophy. We created their site, logos and imagery, and we’re now supporting it by raising money for them by doing Tough Mudder. When the email went round asking who wanted to take part, it was a pretty firm no from me – I’m not into competitive sports and I don’t like getting wet and cold (or muddy!). They started the training once a week at work, and I decided to join in because it was a good opportunity for me to get more fit and to support the team.

Then the inevitable happened: an injury. Not to me (strangely enough!), but one of the team, Sarah, who injured her knee, resulting in surgery. So she was out of the Tough Mudder team. There was a space to spare and only one person who’d been doing the training but not participating: little old me. My Bronco Mudders vest has now arrived (complete with nickname “Stan”) and I’m starting to prepare myself mentally for it. 5 miles and 13 obstacles – wish me luck! And maybe support us by donating to the fund for the Jett Pack and muscular dystrophy – we’d massively appreciate it, even if the donation is only £5.

Collectif top with Heart of Haute Artisan skirt Collectif top with Heart of Haute Artisan skirt

I suppose here I should probably talk about my outfit?! I got this skirt recently with a voucher that I’d won from a blogger (who has now stopped blogging :() for Heart of Haute. I spent ages deciding what to go for as I still love the retro and pin up style but don’t often wear it day-to-day at the moment. In the end, I chose this beautiful skirt with the red rose print. It’s the Artisan Skirt, and this print is now sold out but they have a few other options too. I love that it’s knee length and the wide waist band with the gathered waist so it’s full, but not too full for casual daily wear.

I’ve so far only worn it with a plain black top. This is a Collectif one that I featured previously here. The scoop neckline and three quarter length sleeves make it good for the weather right now where it’s sort of warm but occasionally not so warm – difficult to describe if you’re not in the UK right now!

Collectif top with Heart of Haute Artisan skirt

Outfit Details

Black Top: Collectif | Artisan Skirt: Heart of Haute | Flats: Primark

Collectif top with Heart of Haute Artisan skirt

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