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sewing room

When we bought our house, the one room I knew I wanted (aside from the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, obviously) was a sewing room. I’d really got into sewing during the past year but I was having to keep my sewing machine, fabric and patterns in a couple of plastic boxes tucked away under the kitchen table and get everything set up every single time I wanted to use it. Sewing isn’t a necessity for me, but it’s a hobby I really enjoy, and over the past few years, I’ve collected quite a lot of sewing stuff (read: ALL THE THINGS). And I got my wish! The new house had enough room that I could have a whole room set aside to be my sewing room – yay!

At first, we kept it very simple. I got a really cheap desk that I could set my sewing machine on and some open fronted box shelves to store all my stuff. It’s a light and bright room, so while it wasn’t particularly inspiring, it was good enough for what I needed it for and was, mostly, clutter free.

We’ve slowly been adding to that room over time – adding an ironing board onto the wall (this is SUPER handy to keep it out of the way since we have very little built in storage spaces), more shelves and lots more sewing stuff. We also moved a computer onto the other half of the desk which swaps places with my overlocker whenever I need to use that. It’s sort of a half-sewing room, half-home office. And I’ve also started using the other side of the room as a yoga space – it has the only blank wall in the house for practising forearm stands!

When we moved in, the walls were covered in stickers as it was a kids’ bedroom – see the post I linked to above. We peeled them all off but one, and unfortunately a lot of the paint came off with them. Up until now, I’ve left it like this because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and we’ve been busy making other rooms a priority. At the moment, it’s simply a desk, some shelves, a rug (a little like the ones on this page) and the ironing board.

But the sewing room’s time has come and it’s finally getting updated – and I’m being brave…here’s my colour scheme:

Sewing room colour scheme

I’ve got a couple of accessories already to work into this, so I’m including those in my moodboard, plus some more ideas of how to use the space:

First up, the obvious desk and the big colour change – since the room is so light and bright, my mood board includes some dark colours that the room can really take. Grey is my favourite colour for everything right now, so I’m trying really hard not to just go straight out grey! I’m including a couple of yellow accessories, like the yellow desk lamp from Amara that I already own.

I want to make sure to incorporate lots of personality and fun into the room – it’s all about creating and being creative as it’s my sewing and blogging space, so trinkets (Disney themed especially) and items like these bicycle bookends from Uncommon Goods’ decorative accents page everywhere will provide interest but not clutter the space. Check out some more ideas here too.

Then I want to bring an element of freshness and greenery into it too. Luckily tropical style is really in at the moment so homeware covered in palm leaves is everywhere. I love this cushion from Home Lava but I also have a circular one from Primark which would be just as good. I’m also planning to move some of my succulents and cactuses in too – if I can keep them alive! Fun story: I’ve killed 3 cactuses…yep. And this past week I’ve been in charge of keeping my colleague’s cactus alive while she was off having an operation – Betty the cactus is still going strong this week, don’t worry!

Finally, I want to have some metallic elements in there too. I’m all about the metallics (yes, I am taken in by trends, why do you ask?) right now. I have these 2 bronze hexagon mirrors from Amara and I’ll be picking up the metallic frames on those with some other metallic accents around the room – and, by the way, these are impossible to pick up colours for in colour theme images like above!

So keep your eyes peeled for more – I’ll be doing a big room reveal in a couple of weeks time!


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