Update Your Kitchen with 2017 Interior Trends

If you’re considering a redesign of any room in your home, it’s always worth checking out the latest trends. While the interiors industry might have moved on in a year or two, it can still help you choose a kitchen that you love for many years to come. It’s unlikely to look outdated anytime soon, even if all the interior magazines say that it’s no longer in fashion. Some inspiration from what’s on trend helps you to work out what you like and how you want your kitchen to look. Try some of these trends for 2017 to come up with some ideas for a new kitchen.


Photographer: Steve Larkin

Shiny Worktops

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle now and then. If you want some permanent sparkly bits in your home, you should consider the trend for quartz worktops. They might not be the cheapest option you can go for, but they do lend an air of sophistication to your kitchen. Some people might think they’re a bit showy, but if you have expensive tastes, you might love them. They don’t even need to be that costly, as they have become much more affordable recently. Natural stone worktops can improve the whole look of a kitchen, especially if you previously had laminate ones.

Super Storage

A lot of people are starting to recognise that home storage isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Everyone has different things they want to store and different lifestyle habits. One storage solution isn’t going to suit everyone, so many people are turning to custom storage solutions. You can think about the way you use your kitchen or the way you wish you could use it and how storage can help you. Maybe you use a lot of herbs and spices, and a spice rack on a lazy susan could be useful for you. Perhaps you love wine, so a built-in wine rack or fridge would suit you.

Industrial Style

The industrial interior style has made a big comeback, and you can find examples of it everywhere. It works well in kitchens, with its exposed brickwork, metals, and minimalism. There are lots of elements you can incorporate into your kitchen for an industrial look, from stainless steel kitchen taps to sleep bar stools. Think of the kind of kitchen or bar you might see in a trendy hipster bistro, bar or gastropub. You can use natural materials like wood and stone and combine them with high-tech solutions and shiny chrome.

Sleek and Linear Looks

People are liking sleek and linear looks in the kitchen too. One thing you might see a lot of is kitchen units without handles. These look uber modern and offer a smooth look for your kitchen. They open with a touch, so you don’t have to worry about fingers getting trapped in handles. Gloss finishes give a shiny and sophisticated look, which many people want for a modern kitchen.

Try one or all of these kitchen trends when you design a new kitchen, or maybe make updates to your existing one.

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