How yoga connects to other sports

SUP Yoga retreat North Yorkshire at Raithwaite Estate

Yoga is constantly underestimated as an exercise because it doesn’t seem to burn many calories. However, yoga can help people accomplish so many fitness goals beyond improving their flexibility. Not only have I talked about yoga a gateway to fitness for those who’ve had trouble sticking to exercise in the past, but it can greatly improve your performance in other sports. For those who are still unconvinced about the benefits of yoga, here are a few ways your favourite sport has already taught you how to be a good yogi.


Think about it, both yoga and swimming require you to focus on your breath and clear your mind of any distractions. Like yoga, swimming is also a workout for the whole body, strengthening all the right places for your yoga practice while giving you cardio and zero impact. The core strengthening in swimming might even make you more confident about attending your first yoga class. Yogis who are struggling with the meditation aspects of their practice might find it useful to swim a few laps in the pool; the rhythmic breathing between strokes and the limited distraction of sight and sound can give you a better idea of the mindset you need to achieve.


Although cycling is proven to be gentle on the joints, the body still goes through an intense workout every time you hop on your bike. Yoga can really help to relieve the physical pains that come with cycling, from tight hamstrings, calves and thighs, to lower back discomfort and shoulder pain. If you’re new to cycling, your yoga practice can improve your form on the bike; just make sure you have bicycle insurance and you’re familiar with road safety rules for cyclists if you can only cycle in the streets. Veteran cyclists can also benefit from yoga because it can undo all the damage done by years of hard riding. You might even realise that your residual pain has gotten better after a few weeks.


The stereotype of yogis is that they must be calm, collected, and chilled all the time. But they’re just regular people and they also feel the need to blow off some steam every once in a while, without meditating on the problem. Kickboxing is an excellent outlet for stress, anger, and frustration, and it allows the individual to let out their pent up emotions in a safe space. Similarly, kickboxing enthusiasts can retreat to the yoga mats once they’re done taking out their frustrations on a punching bag and meditate on what was bothering them in the first place.

Rock climbing

Like yoga, rock climbing as a reputation for being easy and not very time-consuming, However, like yoga, rock climbing requires dexterity, agility, balance, and strength. After going rock climbing for the first time, most people feel the strain in their upper body, but this is a sport that works out your whole body. The training you get from one sport will certainly benefit the other.

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