Bathroom: Our Subway Tiles


How to use subway tiles in a bathroom

So just last week I decided it was high time that you guys finally saw the finished photos of our newly renovated bathroom. With that in mind I’ve decided that I’d like to go into a little further details about one of my favourite things about the room: the tiles.

As you might know from my constant obsession with them, there was only one type of tile that I had in mind and I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to be honest! Subway tiles have always caught my eye and as I mentioned in the last post I’d always wanted them for the kitchen but I was totally transfixed when I saw them being used on another blog in a bathroom.

En Suite Bathroom in attic before and after

When it came to looking into Subway tiles and finding out a little more about them, I was pretty intrigued as to see where they had originated from and the influence that had been taken to use them in the modern home. Although they’ve seen a huge rise in popularity over the last 18 months  Subway/Metro tiles have actually been around for a very long time, unsurprisingly they were originally designed to be placed in subway and underground stations across the world around the 1900s! Of course back in those days the tile was used purely for practicality as opposed to style, but since their introduction the design of the tiles themselves has come on leaps and bounds. In recent years they have seen a new lease of life whilst keeping that classic look that the interior world so deeply desires.

We chose to pair our white subway tiles with grey grouting, which seems to be the same route that many people have taken. In my personal opinion this is one of the best ways to focus the attention on the tile itself and it almost feels as if the tile is ‘popping’ out. It adds a bit of a retro vibe but at the same time it’s ultra-modern and gives the wall a clean and simple feel. When it came to the installation of the tiles we opted for the traditional layout of horizontal, however I’ve discovered there are numerous ways in which subway tiles can be installed. If you were looking to make the tiles stand out they can be installed vertically, they also look pristine with an all white grout!

En Suite Bathroom in attic before and after

The fact that my subway tiles have a glossy finish was a massively appealing factor for me, especially as we were planning on installing them in the bathroom. You see, gloss finished tiles are really easy to clean and maintain, all they need is a simple spritz with shower spray and a wipe down after the shower has been used (or whenever you feel like it if you wish!) to retain their lovely shiny appearance which for me made them the ideal candidate since I’m kiiiind of lazy with cleaning ;D

I am truly made up with the tiles themselves, as far as bathroom tiles go there was no competition for us and the timeless effect that subway tiles bring.

Oh and we also updated some of our bathroom accessories after spotting them in Sainsburys Home the other day (obsessed!) – marble and brass, couldn’t say no!

Subway bathroom tiles with marble accessories

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