Boden Lara “La La Land” Dress

Boden Lara La La Land Wrap Dress

I’ve recently got sick of my wardrobe. I know, again! I’ve said a couple of times that I’ve done a big clear out and taken bags and bags to charity, but it now seems to be a continuous paring down process. Around once a week, I’ll chuck another item or two into the charity bag, and every so often I’ll do another bigger cull. I haven’t been buying clothes at the same rate I used to, so it means that I’m now down to a fairly diminished wardrobe. It’s awesome because it’s quite freeing – I’ve managed to get it down to items that I wear a lot more frequently and got rid of things I was just hanging on to for the sake of it. But it also means that I feel like quite a few things are lacking.

Over the weekend, I actually went through my drawers and wardrobe, colour coordinating and refolding (or just folding in the first place…things were just kind of shoved in drawers. I know, I’m sorry!). It was kind of following the Konmari method that my friend Laura did last year. I remembered her telling me about it and how you can organise so much better, with everything standing on end so you can see it. I had my doubts that it would be so amazing, but actually, it was! And it’s made it much more obvious what my usual colours and style are and where I’m lacking pieces. I’m planning to do a video all about it soon.

Boden Lara La La Land Wrap Dress Boden Lara La La Land Wrap Dress

But all this is leading into the fact that I want to replenish a few of the missing areas of my wardrobe. Starting with dresses. Strange, because dresses have always been the staple of my wardrobe. But I went through a time where I wore mostly pretty prom style dresses in all florals and bright colours. Then I went more retro and pin up. And now, I don’t really feel either all that much. I want to still wear pretty, but more grown up. And I don’t want to end up looking too kitsch all the time.

I’ve often loved Boden clothing but not frequently bought from them as I’ve always thought of their clothing as being a bit more on the expensive side. But I made a bit of a resolution: I would spend a little bit more on clothing so long as it was good quality, it was something I loved, and was something that was more versatile to fit my new wardrobe. In the end, I needn’t have worried about Boden being more expensive as the two things I loved were in the sale: the Lara wrap dress in two different fabrics. I bought the Chambray version and the Meadow Green check print for £32 each, which is pretty awesome considering they were originally £80.

Boden Lara La La Land Wrap Dress Boden Lara La La Land Wrap Dress

I wanted a couple of more summery dresses since I’ve been struggling for workwear during the warmer weather we’ve had recently. I’ve been resorting to wearing denim shorts with T shirts when it’s been really hot recently and feeling slightly uncomfortable in them. It’s not an issue at all to wear denim shorts in our work environment which is very casual, but it’s not really what I want to wear at work. I wanted a couple of summery dresses that were fairly classic and pretty but not overdressed.

Plus this one really reminded me of La La Land with its casual chambray style, made more interesting with a wrap style front and tied with a bow. I’ve already planned lots more outfits with it in my head – in summer with red accessories; in winter with black tights and brown boots. The green version I got is probably ever so slightly more dressy but still casual enough to wear for a day at work or a local day out in the warm weather.

Boden Lara La La Land Wrap Dress

And I’ve got to be completely honest here – the dresses literally arrived today, I tried them on as soon as I got in from work, then decided I loved the chambray one so much that I was staying in – hence why there’s some creasing on the skirt, whoops! Hopefully it won’t hold creases so badly during the day and these will drop out soon! I’m planning to buy more from Boden at some point as I’ve been really impressed with this order – yay for finding a new fave fashion brand!

Outfit Details

Sunglasses: Old | Chambray Wrap Dress: Boden | Wedge Sandals: New Look (old)

Boden Lara La La Land Wrap Dress

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