Contemporary Renovations Of Rock And Steel

Before you commence work on your kitchen to renovate, update and make it more chic, ask yourself, what is your main goal in updating the style? If you’re not sure what kind of style you’re after than hold off on starting to take the fixtures apart until you have direction. Some designs will only be featured in a specific funds bracket, so your choices are limited but not stale. Approach your renovation in an attempt to make the updates timeless, able to fit in into most decades. This means the style will require a touch of sophistication and somewhat neutral color spectrum. Also, is it just the look and appeal you’re trying to update, or is it the entirety of the room which includes appliances and fittings? Here’s where you ask yourself, will you put form over functionality or compromise and aim to have both? Will you be cooking for the family on a time schedule, or will you be using the kitchen to entertain guests? Is the kitchen you’re renovating in an apartment or house? There are many questions, and just as well, there are many solutions.


Credit – Granite Charlotte Countertops

Chic, contemporary and timeless

The main deciding factor of the kitchen will be the most used parts of the room; these being the countertop and the sink. Updating your furnishings with a smoldering, thick, bold attitude are the ingredients for a timeless look. With a granite countertop, the room boasts a grandeur appeal because the chic rock cannot be scratched, resists heat and is smooth to the touch. This type of design wouldn’t be out of place in the 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s. The function and form of granite are practical yet stylish, together with a subtle boasting of taste.


Image source – Aqua Mechanical

Metallic fittings

Older homes feature taps and sinks made from iron. You may notice this by the fact that this material scratches and stains easily, and, it also bends over time as the compression from boiling or hot water takes its toll on the integrity of the design. Stainless steel sinks at Tap Warehouse, together with contemporary materials such as granite, undermount and ceramic come in different designs. All shapes, and sizes, the sinks can be a standard rectangle snubbed feature with limited room, or the sinks are wide and deep for large plates and cleaning to be allowed enough room. Granite or composite materials also have the bonus of not yielding to heat, while still possessing excellent insulating capability, so the sink water doesn’t quickly turn cold during hand washing. The taps are vast and long, giving ample room to maneuver safely without bumping into fixed fittings.

Style, mood and tone

The use of color can determine the mood of a room instantaneously when you walk in. Bright colors, such as white, daffodil yellow and sky blue create a summer tone of warmth and glow. However, if you want a more neutral room, then a navy blue, light grey or sandy brown would perform this very well. It’s not just the color of the walls that matter, but the material that’s used. Wooden cupboards that aren’t laminated are more of an earthy mood with the wood pattern being on display. Together with leafy green plants, the kitchen starts to take on a natural look.

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