Magic Kingdom: Photo Diary & Video

Entrance to Magic Kingdom

I’m finally getting round to sharing my Disney photos and videos! The last thing I mentioned about Disney was that sadly my grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins couldn’t come with us. In the end, it was just my family plus Ben and our family friends, Peter and Christine, who managed to make the trip to Florida. We definitely missed the ones who couldn’t be there, but we still had a lot of fun. So much fun in fact that I have far too many photos and videos to share!

Partners Statue - Magic Kingdom

First up, Magic Kingdom! Actually, this was our second day; Hollywood Studios was our first. I didn’t create a video for Studios though, plus there wasn’t a huge amount to see there (more on that in the post I’ll share on that soon), so Magic Kingdom, the most infamous and amazing of all the Disney parks, is first.

I’ve been wondering about how to write and share these posts, and I think the easiest way is to just go for it – with my usual ramblings about anything and everything with lots of photos scattered here and there as a kind of photo diary. Plus, for the first time from me, a Disney vlog! Check it out:

The weather on our Florida trip was amazing. We’ve had it before where it’s poured and stormed every single day. But this time, we had wall to wall sunshine, barely a drop of rain or clap of thunder, and warm to hot temperatures. It got slowly hotter during our trip, so the first couple of days were almost cool, but the temperatures quickly reached high 90s Fahrenheit. Luckily I love the hot weather!

Outfit choices are a big deal for me in Disney – read more about my outfit at my personal blog, but here’s a quick snap.

Magic Kingdom outfit

We, of course, used the Fastpass+ system while in Disney, so the Fastpasses we’d be booked for Magic Kingdom were for Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Seven Dwarves Mine Train. These were definitely good choices as they had the longest queues by far compared to the other rides.

Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain
Bit wet!

Magic Kingdom Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

We took the boat rather than the monorail from the Transportation and Ticket Center over to Magic Kingdom as we had two first-timers and wanted to make sure they saw the big “reveal” of the park from the boat, plus one of our fave Hidden Mickeys, watch the video above to spot it!

Magic Kingdom - Boat on Seven Seas Lagoon

Magic Kingdom
Ben’s best pouting face on the boat!

Magic Kingdom Main Street USA

We took our time down Main Street USA and stopped for the iconic Partners statue and Cinderella Castle photos, because however many times you’ve visited Magic Kingdom, you can’t miss those opportunities! This was also our first time using the Photopass system as previous visits, you’ve always had to pay for the photos rather than have them connected to our Magic Bands, so this was a huge plus for us and we took advantage of it.

Magic Kingdom Main Street USA Magic Kingdom Main Street USA

I can’t remember exactly the order we did the attractions in, but Haunted Mansion was our first and we had fun in the interactive queue – it’s always a good one. We went across Liberty Square to Adventureland and Frontier Land where we did The Enchanted Tiki Room, Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean before lunch at Tortuga Tavern. We were very lucky with queue times that we didn’t have any particularly long ones so got through lots quite quickly.

Magic Kingdom Tortuga Tavern Magic Kingdom Frontierland

Magic Kingdom Adventureland
A much nicer selfie of us than the one above!

Next up was the Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, Mickey’s Philharmagic (we love this one) and the Carousel of Progress (we love this even more!), then we wandered through Fantasyland and Storybook Circus. And there was a mini disaster – the Seven Dwarves Mine Train had an issue and had to close! Even though we had Fastpasses, they weren’t sure when it would reopen so there was no point in waiting. We were really sad because our last visit was literally the week before it opened, so this would be our first time on it…

Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise

Anyway, we had a dining reservation at Wilderness Lodge’s Whispering Canyon Cafe. This is an experience! We’d been last time and enjoyed the crazy atmosphere so booked it again for Peter and Christine to experience. Basically, it’s the complete opposite of its name! The servers chuck napkins at you, shout at you across the room and kids get up to have horse races around the room every so often – it may not appeal to everyone but it’s a lot of fun! Peter asked for a Coke Zero and was brought “zero Coke” – an empty glass! Fortunately it was replaced soon after by a 4 pint glass. And when you ask for ketchup…well again, watch the video – that will explain!!

Magic Kingdom Wilderness Lodge Magic Kingdom Wilderness Lodge Magic Kingdom Wilderness Lodge

Ben and I were wearing our Happily Ever After badges we’d been given for our engagement on our first day and when the server noticed them, we were brought glasses of champagne – a lovely surprise!

Magic Kingdom Wilderness Lodge Magic Kingdom Wilderness Lodge

We headed back across to Magic Kingdom for Wishes – we were really lucky to be able to watch one of the very last showings, and I’m glad I got to see it again before it was replaced. But first, we had some time to spare, so we spent some time taking in the Magic Kingdom sights and atmosphere, went on It’s a Small World (my dad hates it :D) and did the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House:

Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House
The soon-to-be Robinson family – if I decide to take his name, that is!

Magic Kingdom

Finally, we discovered Seven Dwarves Mine Train had reopened and that we were allowed to use our Fastpasses now, even though the time had passed – woohoo!! It’s now one of my new favourite rides – it was amazing! The new carriages that sway as you ride are so smooth and really add to the experience of the ride. I just wished we could do it over again!

Magic Kingdom Seven Dwarves Mine Train
Super excited that we got ride photos included thanks to our Magic Bands! Unfortunately my dad is in the dark in this photo!

Then finally, our last ever showing of Wishes. I can’t work out how many showings of Wishes I’ve seen, but it’s definitely a good few and I always love it. What was even more amazing though was seeing it with two new people who absolutely loved it – Christine so much so that she was in tears at the end.

We took our exit from the park slowly, wandering through the shops as we left along Main Street USA. Ah, I’m missing it all already!

Magic Kingdom Castle at Night - Wishes

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