Planet Friendly Additions for Any New Home

The process of climate change is rapidly picking up speed. The population of the world is increasing, more people are driving cars, the meat industry is producing more methane than our planet can handle and a culmination of these human activities and further problems are wreaking havoc with our planet. The icecaps are melting, there are increasing incidents of forest fires and deforestation is destroying habitats across the world. It’s easy to feel a little helpless in these kinds of situations. But you really can make a huge difference, just by making a few changes to your home and living space. Here are a few planet-friendly additions for any new home to try out!

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Eco-Friendly Lightbulbs

An easy place to start is your home’s lighting. Eco-friendly light bulbs are widely available. They may be a little more expensive to purchase than incandescent light bulbs, but they will save you money in the long run. These bulbs use around one-third of the energy of standard bulbs, meaning they last longer and generate more light for your money.

Roof Insulation

A quarter of all energy lost from your home is likely to leave through the roof. It makes sense. Heat rises, so if there isn’t anything to keep it in your home, it’s going to filter out into the atmosphere. This is such a waste of energy and the cash that you’re using to pay for it! So make sure your ceilings are well insulated. Don’t forget your conservatory too! So many people forget that the typical glass ceilings on these structures are a drain on energy resources. Opt instead for Guardian roof styles. These aesthetically pleasing tiled roofs will complement the roof of the main body of your house, keep heat in and increase the value of your property. What’s not to love?!

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Reusable Drinks Bottles

We’re all guilty of drinking water from disposable plastic bottles. But remember, these aren’t biodegradable. Each and every bottle that you have used and thrown away in a trash can is likely forming a mass of landfill or perhaps even floating around in the oceans. This poses a threat to wildlife and a general eyesore on otherwise beautiful landscapes. So invest in a permanent, reusable drinks bottle. There are plenty of designs available. Stainless steel varieties are preferable, as they are sturdy and will last you for years. You can use these time and time again, clean them after use and what’s best? You’ll always have a drink at hand.


Biodegradable Waste Bags

Many of us will automatically pick up plastic, black bin liners during our weekly shop at the supermarket. But why? There are so many biodegradable options available. Opt for these whenever possible. If you have a pet, pick up mini versions to clear up their waste. Most importantly? Remember to recycle when possible. While some items do need to be thrown straight into the general trash, many things like glass, tins and paper can be transformed into something new that can be used time and time again.

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