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What I Wore in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios outfit - what to wear

It’s time for my next Disney outfit! Or actually, as I explained in my Hollywood Studios Photo Diary at Disney Days, my first outfit technically, because I’m going in the wrong order πŸ˜€

With this being our first day in the parks, I had the choice of every piece of my Disney clothing still to wear. This made it quite a difficult decision! This was the coolest day of the whole trip and we knew it would only get warmer. It was still plenty hot enough though compared to the British weather we’re so used to, so I ended up choosing an old H&M Mickey vest top (which I wore here one time) with my old high waisted denim shorts (which I wore here once too) – didn’t realise until I wrote that sentence that my outfit was made up of clothes I’ve owned for a long time!

Disney's Hollywood Studios outfit - what to wear

Because of the weather being slightly cooler, I also carried a red cardigan this day just in case I got chilly with the air conditioning. It was lucky I did as I needed it in the evening when we watched Fantasmic when it got cooler.

I also wore my trusty Disney shoes from the last Disney outfit post – my Croc sandals.Β Read more there for why I despise Crocs normally but wear them in Disney!

Disney's Hollywood Studios outfit - what to wear

And finally headwear! With Hollywood Studios being the kind of “behind the scenes” park (or at least it was more so until recently) and with a focus on the glitz and glam of Hollywood, I decided it was only right to wear my gold, super-sequinned, bejewelled and feathered ears from Disneyland Paris. They’re not the most comfortable of ears – read: I had to take them off every hour or so because they try to crush my skull – but they look pretty awesome, so there’s always that!

And finally, a picture from inside the park. But before you go, make sure to head over to Disney Days to see my photo diary of the day in Hollywood Studios there!

Disney's Hollywood Studios outfit - what to wear


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