What I Wore in Magic Kingdom

Wow, I’m finally getting to my Disney posts! I’ve just published the post all about our first day in Magic Kingdom at Disney Days, so please pop over there to see my photo diary!

Okay, now you’re back – I’m talking about my outfit here, since I wasn’t sure my Disney Days followers would really care that much about my clothes and technically this is meant to be my fashion blog. Then again, I didn’t get any proper outfit photos on our Magic Kingdom day, whoops! So I’m doing my best to pull together a few pictures that show what I wore to Magic Kingdom in a few different ways.

What to wear in Magic Kingdom

I made sure that I had enough Disney themed clothing with me that I could wear a different outfit to each Disney park. This is actually my second day one (Hollywood Studios was the first, but that’s another day). I also made sure to have different Disney-themed headwear each day!

What to wear in Magic Kingdom What to wear in Magic Kingdom

So I always wear shorts when we have a full day in one of the parks. I find they’re a lot easier and more comfortable when you’re going on rides. You don’t want a full skirt flipping up in your face or having to struggle with a short one riding up when you’re squeezing into a ride vehicle! These are my “Mom” shorts from last summer and are my favourites as they’re super comfortable and go with pretty much anything.

What to wear in Magic Kingdom
I’d climbed the Swiss Family Robinson tree house and was proud 😀 Plus I’ve got some muscles from all that Cross Fit – they’re even better now!

My Disney-themed item this day was my Sleeping Beauty tank top. I bought this at Hot Topic on a previous Disney trip and actually wore it in Magic Kingdom last visit too! It’s not easy to wear at home because of the tank shape since we don’t often get nice enough weather to wear it, so I take full advantage in Disney.

The Disney headwear of the day was my tiara from Disneyland Paris. It’s not exactly easy to wear in the parks since I’m constantly worried about losing it, but with my hair plaited, I could slide it in and it mostly stayed in place aside from slipping sideways a bit. I always tie up my hair in WDW since it’s too hot not too, so I like to mix it up with plaits and ponytails.

What to wear in Magic Kingdom

I also took this Minnie Mouse backpack from Primark – I actually only ended up using it for the plane and one day in the parks since it was too big and bulky to carry. But it’s still cute!

What to wear in Magic Kingdom

And finally, I wore my Huarache Crocs. I know. I’ve always been so stubborn about Crocs, but after getting horrible blisters and sore feet two Disney visits ago from some flip flops, my mum lent me a pair of her Crocs and I had to get some of my own. Fortunately, these Croc sandals look nicer than the clogs (which I will never own, I swear!) and are really comfortable. I wear them every day on Florida trips, and even sometimes on other holidays and at home too – shock, horror!

What do you think of my first Disney outfit? Don’t forget to head to Disney Days to check out my Magic Kingdom Photo Diary too!

PS: I published a vlog of our day in Magic Kingdom too, check it out:

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