3 Simple Summer Date Night Ideas

Summer date ideas

Okay, so we may not have seen too much of the sunshine this summer (good old English weather, hey!) but when the weather is playing ball, then those warm Summer evenings are the perfect excuse for booking in an impromptu date night or two for you and your other half. Whether you’re super busy parents who are looking for an easy stay-at-home date solution, or are a more adventurous couple looking for a break from the norm, there are plenty of super simple date night ideas for you to impress your partner with.

Evening at the Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live not too far from the nearest coastline, there really is nothing like jumping in the car after work on a Friday and heading off to the seaside for a warm evening stroll along the beach. In the lighter evenings, there’s still a real buzz about these little coastal towns and villages but unlike an afternoon visit, you can be certain you won’t be battling the crowds whilst doing so. Why not pack a picnic tea, some candles and a rug and enjoy a private dinner on the sands – or grab a bag of chips to share whilst you walk along?

Al Fresco Movie Night

Sure, the cinema might be great in the colder months (or for the approx. 85% of Summer when it’s raining…) but who really wants to be stuck inside when the Summer evenings are warm and light past 5pm?! Setting up a movie night in the garden could not be simpler, and is something you can very quickly put together once you’ve put the kiddos to bed. Stick your favourite DVD on the projector or laptop, grab plenty of cushions and blankets and an abundance of snacks and drinks and get settled in for movie night outside.

Watch the Stars               

Whether you live in the middle of nowhere with very little light pollution or right in the middle of the big city, there are lots of spots you can head to for a night of watching the stars. It’s worth looking up local observatories – I know, how very La La Land, but trust me, it’s pretty romantic. Alternatively, why not head for your closest park, moorland or even back garden and see what you can spot in the night sky, you may be lucky enough to catch a shooting star or make out a constellation or two if you look closely enough.

Of course, these are all weather dependent and if you’re based in the UK it’s always a good idea to have a plan B in case the weather decides to turn, but no matter what your location, budget or child-situation, date night doesn’t just have to mean a trip to the cinema or a steak meal at your local.

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