5 Ideas for a Last Minute September Holiday

I’ve had a bit of an issue recently. As issues go, it isn’t exactly a bad one though – we haven’t sorted out a holiday for later this year, and “later this year” is rapidly approaching! It seems kind of silly because we’ve now booked our honeymoon flights, accommodation for the second part of the trip, and will very soon be booking the first part too (keeping it under wraps for now) and that’s for September next year, but we haven’t booked anything for September this year!

The problem is that we’ve been thinking too much about honeymoon and wedding planning and putting all our efforts into that, forgetting how quickly this year was moving. We have looked at a few ideas and narrowed down a lot of accommodation options, but for some reason just haven’t taken that final plunge to book. So here are our top 5 ideas currently for a quick break and last minute holiday in September:

Barcelona city break

1. Barcelona City Break

Even though we’re “country people” and aren’t big fans of cities, we do still love visiting them, even if just for a day or two. There’s so much to experience in cities, from culture like museums, parks and gardens, to food and shopping. City breaks are also so much easier than looking outside cities since you can hop quickly into the destination, not need to hire a car or arrange other forms of transport, and have everything at your fingertips.

Barcelona seems like a good option to us as my parents and sister have all been and loved it, plus it’s close enough for a long weekend and has sights like the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s Park Guell and La Bocqueria market.

(Photo by Tyler Hendy on Unsplash)

All Inclusive Italy

2. All Inclusive in Italy

I am, and always will be, obsessed with Italy. I love the weather, the food, the culture, the ancient sites (especially), the beaches…I could go on! Ben’s parents have been to an amazing all-inclusive resort on the shores of Sorrento which is an area I’ve always wanted to visit, so that’s a massive consideration for me. Somehow I’ve never visited Pompeii and Herculaneum, despite being a Classics graduate, and the cliff edges to explore along the coast look beautiful.

(Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash)

Iceland Northern Lights

3. Weekend in Iceland

This isn’t really one we’re considering at the moment, but it’s one I’d love to do at some point. Iceland is close enough that you can take a long weekend break and see all the things. Reykjavik is supposed to be a very cool city, and I’d of course, like everyone else, love to see the Northern Lights and visit the Blue Lagoon.

(Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash)

Airbnb trip to Wales

4. Airbnb stay in Wales

A little bit closer to home and one that’s quite a bit more likely for our September trip – Airbnbing it in Wales! We’d initially planned a big road trip like we did last year, but this time heading over into Wales. We loved staying in Airbnbs as they were brilliant value for money, were always clean and cosy, and they offered us something different every time. It’s so nice not to have the standard hotel room or apartment. The original plan was to head down by Chester (to go to Chester Zoo!) and into North Wales and Snowdonia for a few days before heading south along the coast, then back up by the border via Hay-on-Wye – one of my life goals to visit the book shops there!

We’re now looking at a slightly shorter break so would probably only do north or south Wales, or even just off to the side still in England but able to visit Wales, still making decisions on that!

(Photo by leonie wise on Unsplash)

Greek Island hopping

5. Island hopping in Greece

One of the guys at work has just come back from Corfu and shared his photos and stories of his trip, and I decided that I most definitely need some sunshine in my life! Greece is another of my favourites – I spent some time there when I was at uni doing a course that visited all the ancient sites on the mainland, and I fell in love. Somehow I’ve still never visited the islands and would love to do that. It would definitely need at least a full week for this, but it’s still good for a last minute break.

(Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash)

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