5 Top Tips for Motivating Your Fitness Regime

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Everybody knows the importance of regular exercise, yet it can be challenging to find the motivation to work out and it often feels like a chore. Whether you are attempting to bulk up, drop a few pounds or simply remain healthy, you may find that some days you simply do not have the motivation to exercise. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to get motivated and ensure that you get your regular exercise each week.

New Gear

Buying new workout clothes is a great way to get you motivated. It is highly worth spending a little cash on new gym clothes or shoes as you will want to “break these in” with exercise. In addition to purchasing new clothes, it is also a wise idea to have these in plain sight for the morning so that you immediately think of working out when you wake up.

Commute Workout

Finding the time to exercise can be extremely challenging. If you cannot find the time to exercise before or after work, consider turning your commute home into a workout. Instead of getting the bus, train or walking, you could run, cycle or even scooter home. You can buy scooters from places like Skate Hut and they are a surprisingly good and fun way of exercising.


Setting goals is important because it gives you motivation for the days which you do not feel like working out. You should always be realistic with these goals but stick to them. This could be to drop weight before a certain date or simply go to the gym for an hour 3 times a week.

Social Exercise

It is all too easy to skip a run or going to the gym when you are exercising solo. This is why it is a great idea to have a workout friend or to attend classes at the gym. Working out socially will force you to go on those days that you simply do not feel like it, plus it is a great way to push yourself.


Giving yourself a post-exercise reward will encourage you to work out even if you do not feel like it. This reward could be a smoothie, your favourite dinner or even settling in for a good film. Exercise isn’t always enjoyable so it is important to do something positive afterwards.

Everybody struggles with their exercise regimes from time to time but the above tips should help to boost your fitness motivation and never skip a day.

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