A blast from the interior past

Upcycled décor, shabby chic pieces and utterly unique design – it seems that there’s a place for classic and old-fashioned interior in every home designers heart. Over the years popularity in vintage style flooring and elegance has boomed and styles that pay homage to the Victorian age, are becoming commonplace.

If you’re looking to add a touch of class or a spot of tradition to your home, then read on; you’ll find opulence and flair in abundance as we say out with the new – and in with the old!

So what makes Victorian flooring so popular?

Back in the 19th century, showcasing wealth in your home was positively encouraged. This led to an increase in ornate decoration and lavish designs. Modern takes on the Victorian style are generally available in the form of tiles and tend to feature striking patterns with sharp lines and angles.

Popular in halls and entryways, these striking designs make for a stunning welcome. In addition, you’ll find that this Victorian style works in every room. Whether you’re looking to re-create a kitchen that harks back to the lavish feel of the Victorian age, or a living space that complements the 19th century character of your home. It’s worth remembering that online stores such as discountflooringdepot.co.uk have an amazing range of flooring solutions that wold be ideal for your project.

How do I choose the right design?

Thankfully, there is no strict rulebook to adhere to when it comes to choosing a design. You pretty much have free reign. The whole point of Victorian flooring is that it needs to be eye-catching. A statement. A talking point.

As far as colour is concerned, if you’re hoping to mimic a more traditional feel, than muted colours or a black and white monochrome theme would be ideal. However, if your inner designer craves a pop of colour then you’ll find that this can be added easily to your chosen design.

How else can I achieve this look?

Creating your dream Victorian home is a lot easier than you may think. For example, Victorians were known for their love of colour. Which means that colour-themed rooms were common – you’ll find no white or magnolia walls during this period of decadence.

Rich hues of green, gold-brown, red and blue were very popular. You may find this scheme easier to re-create in an older Victorian built home that is broken up into lots of smaller rooms.

Embellishment is everything

It’s worth remembering that during this period, everything was done to excess. And that of course includes every detail in the décor. Victorian homes were always brimming with paintings, knick-knacks and ornaments, pictures and lavish furniture.

Layer your floors with Persian rugs, cover your walls with large (and small) paintings and pictures. Show as little bare wall and floor as possible. You could even add a touch of romance by introducing fresh flowers or floral designs onto textiles. The possibilities are endless and the only restraint, is your imagination.

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