How to bring your garden to life this summer

Summer garden update

As the sun shines brighter, the days get warmer and the evenings lighter, you are likely to spend more and more time in your garden. Your days will involve sunbathing with a cold drink and a good book, while evenings will be dedicated to BBQ’s with friends and family.

But, before you are able to make the most of your outdoor space, you need to bring it to life, because a garden with overgrown grass, dead branches and clutter won’t be very relaxing or enjoyable.

Here are a few things you might want to do to ensure it is ready for summer:

Splash colour across the space  

For the perfect summer garden you need to make the space as bright and colourful as possible. Start with the flowers and the pots you plant them in, perhaps give the fences and shed a bright lick of paint and why not invest in colourful garden accessories to finish it off?

Make sure you lift the colour off the floor by using pergolas, arches and trellis for climber plants. Buy these already established so you don’t have to wait for them to bloom.

Grow your own

If you don’t already have a vegetable plot in your garden now is the time to create one. Not only will it add to the colour in you garden, it will also provide you with the salad to accompany with your burgers and fruit to garnish the desserts.

Fill it with garden ornaments 

Garden décor and ornaments are great for outside spaces but so often forgotten about. If you have a pond why not decorate it with a traditional garden gnome, you can buy these from sites such as Bakker. A mirror on the wall will also add a new dimension to the space and a stone statue will only enhance your flowerbeds.

Attract wildlife

To really bring your garden to life you need it to be full of wildlife and to attract birds and insects you must provide what they need – shelter, water and food. You could create these yourself, think outside the box and upcycle an old tea cup, for example, to fill with birdseed or simply purchase a ready made one. Whatever you decide to do, you will add to the aesthetics of your space as well as helping the wildlife.

Update your furniture

Has your garden furniture seen better days? Is it looking faded from the sun or perhaps the paint is peeling off? Then it’s time to update it because you can’t enjoy spending time in your garden if it means sitting on a rickety old chair. You might want to purchase something brand new, or maybe it just needs a lick of paint – either way this is a fairly easy change that will make a big difference to your garden.

Light it up

The warm summer evenings enable you to stay out in the garden much later and even though they are lighter for longer, you may well stay out long after the sun has gone down. So, now is the perfect time to create ambience via some new lighting. Fairy lights strung through the trees, candles flickering on the table and solar lights dotted throughout, won’t cost you in electricity but will provide the light you need while creating the perfect atmosphere for a warm night.

Now you have bought your garden to life you can sit back and enjoy it…

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