Outfit: Florida Evenings

Primark playsuit outfit in Florida

Primark playsuit outfit in Florida

Before we went to Florida, I decided to stock up on a few cheap, basic pieces that I could wear in the heat. The problem is that I’m quite low on lightweight summer clothing that I can wear for holidays as opposed to British summer in the office. So to Primark I went for a few simple tops to go with denim shorts. While there, I spotted this playsuit – I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but I’m thinking it was no more than £8 – and I grabbed it.

I had a super old playsuit from Primark that I’ve worn on several Disney trips through the years, but unfortunately it got a little hole in it a couple of years ago. I sewed it up and carried on, then the hole came back and grew. So sadly, to the “favourite old clothing fabric pile” it went. I send a lot of old things to charity, but when they’re an old favourite, they go into my sewing room in the hopes of being made into something new and exciting. Unfortunately, I’m not so great at getting through this pile!

Primark playsuit outfit in Florida Primark playsuit outfit in Florida

Anyway, I spotted this and decided it might make a replacement playsuit for Disney. I packed it up and took it with me, then the day I went to put it on for a visit to the parks (I think it was actually Universal Studios), I realised there was no way it was going to stay in place all day! It’s off the shoulder but made of a slightly shiny fabric that moved around with walking. It also looked a little bit pyjama-like! That’s never a bad thing in terms of comfort, but I wasn’t quite sure of it.

So in the end, I put it on again one evening when we’d come back from the parks and were going out for tea with my trusty waist belt and realised it looked a lot less pyjama-like with it, plus if I was sitting down all evening, the shoulders would likely stay in place. Win!

Primark playsuit outfit in Florida

Moral of the story? Well, I’m not really sure. Try on playsuits in the changing room and practise walking around in them? Oh well, it was useful for an evening meal out!

Primark playsuit outfit in Florida

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