How to pack for 7 days with just hand luggage

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Airline baggage allowances getting you down? The weight allowed varies from a measly 5kg to a hefty 12kg, but sticking to cabin luggage means you can save money and time waiting around once you’ve landed. With this in mind, here’s how to pack for a week away with just your hand luggage in tow.

Pick up a carry on suitcase

A structured bag will allow you to fit more in, just ensure it is a size that fits into the overhead hold all. Look for a lighter design to save on weight restrictions.

One pair suits all

Shoes can increase the weight in your hand luggage hugely, so look for a comfy pair that you can wear on the plane and in the evening while away, plus a lightweight pair of flip flops for around the pool. Wedged sandals are a good option, look for secure straps (zips or buckles) that ensure they’re easy to wear and look good with everything.

Double (triple) up

While you don’t want to look like the Michelin man, to cut down on hand luggage weight it’s a good idea to wear a few layers to the airport and then peel these off on the plane. A vest top, worn beneath a fitted t-shirt and a cardigan can all be worn easily under a women’s bomber jacket to save a little extra space in your hand luggage. If you want to wear these items when you arrive, just give them a spritz with some perfume and they should be fine to wear again.

Mix and match

Take along outfit pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. So a pair of denim shorts can be worn in the day if you’re exploring the local town but you can also pair them with a nice top for evenings. A lightweight summer dress works as a day time cover up by the pool but wear this with sandals, strong make up and freshly styled hair and you’re also set to go once the evening rolls round.

Roll technique

If you’re trying to cram a fair few items of clothing in your hand luggage, then the usual folding technique might cause you some space issues. Rolling up items into sausage shapes and securely placing these next to each other in the case is a great way of squeezing more in. Plus, the tightly packed rolls give your case more structure which is great for protecting fragile items such as travel sized perfume bottles.

Mini toiletries

You’ll never get through a full-sized shampoo and conditioner in a week so why pack one in your hand luggage? Plus, there are liquid restrictions on items over 100ml. Instead, grab some mini versions of your favourite toiletries and take these along, don’t forget to pop them in a clear, re-sealable bag for when you go through security. As a bonus, once these small items are used up by the end of the week the case will be even lighter to accommodate all the trashy holiday gifts you’ve picked up for family and friends. If you want to purchase cheaper alcohol, save it until you get to duty free after security on your way home.

Try out some of these tips and squeeze in enough stuff for a week’s holiday without the extra baggage charges.

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