Top Chinese Restaurants in North Yorkshire

Top Chinese Restaurants in North Yorkshire

There are countless places to eat out there and they can all have different things doing for them. They will serve different types of food, have varied atmosphere, be large or small, are open regularly or not and so on. This means it can be tough to find the restaurant right for you, especially if you want a certain type. If you’re in North Yorkshire and want the best place to eat Chinese food then it can be simple as there are several top Asian eateries in the area.

The Orchid Restaurant

The Orchid Restaurant is located in Swan Road, Harrogate, and is one of the leading Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants in North Yorkshire. It is part of the Studley Hotel and was one of the first Pan Asian restaurants in the UK. It aims to provide traditional flavours with a modern style and features sleek dark wood interiors and Japanese lattice doors. Since it’s inception in 2001 it has gone on to win numerous awards. There is a huge variety of food available on the menu, with more than enough to keep you coming back. You can book a table and gift vouchers are purchasable.

Hong Kong Chop House

If you’re in York, then you should head down to the Hong Kong Chop House. Go to Swinegate, York, and you can try their offering of Chinese food. It boasts that it’s York’s most acclaimed Asian restaurant and easily lives up to it’s claim. Open Monday through Sunday, noon until 11pm, (midnight Friday and Saturday), it has won Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2014-2016 and has an extensive menu. Soup, dim sum, appetisers, hot and cold starters, meat, poultry and seafood dishes, vegetarian options and more await you when you visit, with online ordering available for some Chinese takeaway.

The Mulan Cantonese Restaurant

This restaurant in Clifton Manor, York is a great spot for some Chinese cuisine. The Mulan Cantonese Restaurant is a vegetarian friendly eatery with a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere that can fit you and your party’s needs for Asian food. Open Tuesday to Sunday, this conveniently located place provides a great place for people to step in and get something to eat during or after the workday, when you’ve been shopping or whatever. The Mulan wants it’s clientele to have a fine dining experience or take them up on their take away.

Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant

By no means least, the last North Yorkshire Chinese restaurant of note is in Crescent Road in Harrogate. The Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant is a holder of a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and is bound to be one of the fanciest restaurants you’ll ever visit. This eatery is large and impressive, being based in an old manor home. The food is as good as the location, with a range of Chinese dishes ready to be made. It’s vegetarian friendly and you can’t beat their dim sum.

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