Wishlist: Family Bathroom

The thing about our house is that it has a lot of bathrooms – it’s a proper “family home”! We’ve got the downstairs one that we recently renovated, our en-suite that we also recently renovated, a guest en-suite and, finally, our family bathroom. We call it the family bathroom to distinguish it from the others and also because it’s what we would use for the rest of the family if we had one. Do cats count? Because they definitely use that bathroom to drink out of the bath…moving swiftly on!

Despite being designed as a family bathroom, it’s actually more on the small side. We quite often say that we’d prefer to get rid of one bathroom and have this one be just a little bit bigger. The space is pretty much already maximised in there with the layout of the bath, toilet and sink, which is sad as there isn’t a lot we can do in there.

Except…decorate! And that’s always the best part, right? The major renovations are scary because they cost a lot of money, make a lot of mess and have the potential for more things going wrong, whereas decorating can make a room look entirely new but not have all those issues. So a redecoration is in order for our family bathroom, and here’s what I’d love to have:

Lumino Varese mirror cabinet

My dad just recently got one of these LED mirrored cabinets and it’s made me very jealous. Lumino‘s range of bathroom cabinets are really sleek and compact, while the lighting on it really opens up the space. I’m all for more lighting where I can put it as I find it really makes a room to have better and statement lighting, so throw some storage space into that too and I’m sold.

H&M Jute Storage basket

I have a bit of an issue with forgetting to put clothes and towels into the laundry, so this H&M storage jute would both look beautiful in our family bathroom whilst also being functional – win win!

Urban Outfitters Tropical Palm Shower Curtain Urban Outfitters Tropical Palm Bath Mat

All the tropical, everywhere, all the time, please and thank you. If I can’t have sunshine and tropical weather outside my house, I’ll have it inside. I love this matching bath mat and shower curtain set from Urban Outfitters.

Oliver Bonas copper shelves

Gimme, gimme, gimme! That little bronze and gold obsession of mine still hasn’t diminished. And what bathroom couldn’t do with a bit of extra storage? These copper shelves from Oliver Bona may be a little pricey but they’re oh-so-beautiful.

Lush Rocket Science bath bomb

And what would a bathroom be without a Lush bath bomb?! I actually bought this one last weekend and haven’t used it yet – but look how cute!! Plus it smells super nice and looked really cool in the water – they showed me it in store. Highly recommend!

What would you have in a family bathroom?

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