Channeling Carrie Bradshaw: Creating Your Own Dream Closet

If you’ve devoted hours of your life to following the trials and tribulations of Carrie Bradshaw and her girl gang, it’s probably safe to say that you have an interest in fashion. Carrie was a style icon in the 90’s and noughties, and her closet was envy-inducing. Closets are an American trend, but there’s nothing to stop you creating your own stylish store for your clothes, shoes, and accessories regardless of where you live. Carrie managed with a small space before Mr. Big made her closet dreams come true, so you don’t need a mansion to apply. Here are some tips to get you started.

Carrie Bradshaw Wardrobe

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Allocating a space

If you’re not blessed with a bedroom that has a closet attached, and most of us aren’t, don’t give up your dreams of a walk-in wardrobe just yet. Spare rooms, under stair spaces and redundant alcoves can all be turned into viable closet spaces if you use your imagination and employ some basic DIY skills.

Designing the space

When you design any room, no matter how big or small, you should have visions of the finished product in your mind. It’s always good to have a budget in mind. You may not have money available for marble counters or solid oak shoe racks like they do in the blockbuster movies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a splash with your designs. Think about where you want to store different items and how you want to exhibit them.

Investing in storage

A closet may look great on the TV, but essentially, it’s a storage space, and it should enable you to keep your clothes tidy and preserve them for as long as possible. Think about the kinds of storage solutions you want, take a look online for inspiration and use ideas from your favourite shops. You could use slatwall panels to secure rails or shelves or invest in a cabinet with pull-out drawers. If you’re short on floor space, utilise the walls as much as possible. You can also use mirrors and white paint on the walls to lighten up the space and make it look bigger. Opt for storage that is easy to use and will enable you to keep things tidy. Once you’ve got a gorgeous closet, the last thing you want is for it to become a dumping ground. Rails are great for hanging blouses, skirts, and dresses, hooks are perfect for hats, and pigeon-hole style shelving units are ideal for shoes and accessories like belts.

Finishing touches

Once you’ve got everything in place, add some final finishing touches to personalise the space. You could hang some framed vintage magazine covers or stand a mannequin in the corner if you’re keen to embrace the Devils Wears Prada vibe.

Carrie Bradshaw Wardrobe

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Have you always wanted your own walk-in wardrobe? You may think that you need a giant house and a wardrobe full of designer clobber to have a closet, but that’s simply not true. Hopefully, this article has given you food for thought, and you’re ready to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw.

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