Disneyland Paris in September: Packing List

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September

Surprise! I’ve just got back from Disneyland Paris and wanted to share my packing list with you all! I didn’t actually get the chance to share here that we’d booked a short trip to Disneyland Paris because it was so last minute, but if you hop over to Disney Days you can read more about it there. We went on Tuesday and came back on Friday last week, and I’ll be sharing Trip Reports over at Disney Days too.

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I wrote about what to pack for Disneyland Paris when I went in April 2013, but when we booked our trip, I quickly came to realise that September would be somewhat difficult to pack for. September weather is notoriously changeable! The week running up to our trip had been quite wet and chilly, but we were predicted blue skies and warmer weather. But being in late September, I certainly didn’t want to take any chances.

So here are some pictures of the outfits I packed (the items are listed below each one) and some tips on how I packed for Disneyland Paris in September.

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September
Boots: Dorothy Perkins | Ears: WDW | Chip T Shirt: Primark | Denim Shorts: ASOS

Pack layers

This is SO key for visiting Disneyland Paris in September. The weather could be super sunny and warm, or it could be freezing and drizzly. I didn’t want to take any chances on missing out on getting some sunshine on my British arms and legs, but I also didn’t want to freeze or get wet.

I ended up taking 2 basic pairs of jeans – one stretchy and more fitted, one “Mom” pair. I also took my gingham capri trousers and black capris as trousers, and a pair of basic denim shorts. In the end, I didn’t wear the shorts, but I was glad I took them just in case. I wore all the other pairs of trousers though.

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September
Ears: WDW | Mickey Jumper: H&M | Gingham Capris: Dorothy Perkins | Disney T Shirt: Primark | Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm

I made sure to bring along a range of T shirts which would work for all weathers plus some layers on top: a black cardigan, a denim jacket, an Epcot hoodie, a couple of jumpers and…a raincoat! This isn’t pictured here, but definitely do remember to take one – super important!

I also took some black tights that I could wear with the dresses, skirts and shorts I packed – very important to keep warm.

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September
Jeans: Hollister | Belt: ASOS | Beauty & the Beast Jumper: Primark | Ears: Memade | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Choose a colour scheme

I didn’t really intend on doing this and have always been in awe of those that manage it, but I accidentally packed myself a bit of a colour scheme! Well, if grey can be counted as a colour scheme…

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September
Black Capris: Hell Bunny | Mermaid T Shirt: Primark | Mermaid Bag: Collectif | Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm

I started laying out my Disney T shirts as soon as I knew we were going to Disneyland Paris – you can never start packing for Disney too early. I was excited to get some more use out of my Disney T shirts as it’s more difficult to wear them in Florida when I want to wear vest tops. It turned out that the vast majority of them were grey, as were my two Disney jumpers – win! This made it easier to mix and match my outfits since my tops went with any of my trousers or skirts. So any of these outfits with tops and bottoms are completely interchangeable, I definitely feel like I’m winning there.

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September
Jeans: ASOS | Minnie Trainers: Superga | Epcot Hoodie: WDW | Ears: WDW

Find sensible shoes

I took only 2 pairs of shoes with me in the end which I think was very sensible for me! I’ve pictured 3 here, but alas, I decided the clogs, however awesome they are, don’t make for a long day’s wear (especially when you’re walking as far as you do in the parks – 30,000 steps one day!).

The Superga Minnie trainers were a very last minute purchase I’m glad I made – they arrived the day before we left! My colleague Hannah spotted them and sent over the link to me – she knew I would love them and she was very right. I’d been planning to take my Converse or gym trainers up until this point but I knew these would be perfect. They had a solid but slightly cushioned base, would go with the outfits I’d planned and, best of all, were Disney inspired. I was so glad I had these.

I swapped these for my boots for a couple of evenings and for shorter times in the parks. It was good to have a change of pressure under foot as these were heeled.

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September
Denim Jacket: Animal | Dress: Primark | Minnie Trainers: Superga

Pack some evening wear

Nothing fancy though! I just mean something different to change into that isn’t necessarily comfortable park-wear for evenings where you’re going for a meal separately. Disneyland Paris does have a couple of fancier restaurants, so you might want a dress or a shirt for these, but it’s also nice to dress up a little more in the evening anyway. Remember that you’ll still want to be warm in this too as evenings will always be chillier in Paris in September.

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September
Pink Skirt: ASOS | Ears: Disneyland Paris | Jumper: ASOS | Minnie Trainers: Superga

Don’t forget Disney accessories!

Probably the most important point to us Disney addicts! Your ears, your pins, your Disney shaped handbags – don’t forget them! I took 3 sets of ears with me – a gold sequined pair from Disneyland Paris, a classic Minnie pair from Walt Disney World, and a Daisy pair made by me – and a tiara bought in Disneyland Paris. My other Disney accessory was my glitter mermaid bag from Collectif. In the end, I actually didn’t use this because it wasn’t big enough when I did want a bag, and most of the time I didn’t want to carry one! I used a small saddlebag in the end. But at least knowing I had it, I could have used it if I wanted to. And it looked good in these photos ;D I also took my Mickey watch from Florida which sadly is kind of dying now, but I love it.

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September
Boots: Dorothy Perkins | Dress: Glamorous | Mickey Watch: WDW | Black Cardigan: Hell Bunny

And there were a couple of things not pictured here (aside from the obvious underwear, socks etc.). Swimwear as our hotel had a pool – I took a bikini and a swimsuit so I had the option and in case one wasn’t dry in time, plus a basic cover up dress to wear down to the pool. And finally the raincoat I mentioned. Luckily I didn’t have to use this but I’m glad it was there just in case!

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