Summer to Autumn Transition Make Up

Summer to autumn make up transition look

I’m no make up expert – let’s get that out there loud and clear before you think I’m giving away make up advice. But I do wear make up, like a lot of you. In fact, the vast majority of us, I would suspect, are like me – we’re not entirely sure what we’re doing with all this stuff we put on our faces, but we like to play around with it and have fun. At least I hope that’s what the rest of you feel like and it’s not just me…anyone?

I’ve amassed a small fairly sizeable collection of make up over the years. Yes, I know make up isn’t supposed to last years, but when you’ve spent money on it, it still works just as well and isn’t going off, it’s not leaving my make up bag! Much of it I’ve bought on recommendations from other bloggers and vloggers because they look oh-so-pretty and I want to be able to perfect my face like them. Alas, I am not so skilled!

I usually wear a very light make up look to work everyday that consists of moisturiser, foundation, concealer and the occasional blusher or lipstick, depending on how colourful I’m feeling (and how late I’ve got out of bed). It’s essentially to take the nighttime edge off my face. But when we go out somewhere or there’s a special occasion, I like to have a bit more fun.

I was sent a box of summer make up pretties and essentials from Just My Look a little while ago, so I decided to challenge myself into creating a make up “look”. Unfortunately, I decided to do this on a day where the weather was trying to transition itself into autumn and all I wanted to do was look autumnal, so I compromised.

Summer to autumn make up transition look

This summer’s make up for me has been all about sparkles and highlighters. I don’t know about you, but I feel like the matte eyeshadows and dark colours everyone was wearing over autumn and winter had suddenly been changed to UNICORN MERMAID SPARKLES. And I’d only just caught onto this matte, contour thing.

So I merged the two. Sparkles and highlights on the top half; dark nude, matte lips on the bottom half. And thus, a transition look!

Summer to autumn make up transition look

I don’t wear heavy make up normally so this feels like I have SO much stuff on my face…but in photographs looks like I’ve done nothing. Also my face looks weird close-up. My lips are normal and not higher on one side than the other – I promise! Apparently I try to do this smile-at-one-side-of-the-mouth thing and it changes my lip shape, fun!

Anyway, here are a few of the things I used:

Summer to autumn make up transition look


So of course I used a few other things, but I wanted to highlight (pun!) the parts of the look that are more stand out and mostly from the box of goodies from Just My Look: the highlighter palette, the GIANT eyeshadow palette, the fancy brushes, the blush, and the lipstick.


First a few unpictured things: I used my current favourite foundation, Rimmel Match Perfection. I actually saw this recommended by a few bloggers so went for it. I bought it over a year ago now and use it pretty much daily, so I’m impressed it’s still on the go! It’s a pretty good match for my pale skin and doesn’t make it feel too dry.

Anastasia concealer review 0.75

My concealer is a mixture of two on different areas of my face: a random stick concealer from Lidl (maybe I should properly review this, I really like it!) and an Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer pot in shade 0.75. I got super excited when I saw these concealers when I was in Sephora in Florida and that they came in a shade below 1 – something for my pale skin! I think I have cool toned skin, but I’m not definite, but I really like this one. It seems to be quite heavy coverage and stays put well.

I also used a NYX Makeup Sculpt & Highlight contour stick for contouring. I’m slowly learning how to do this, but I’m no Kardashian!

Sleek Distorted Dreams 5 Colour Highlighting Palette Review Sleek Distorted Dreams 5 Colour Highlighting Palette Review

Then onto the sparkly highlight! I used the Sleek Distorted Dreams 5 Colour Highlighting Palette with the paler pink shade on top of my cheekbones, then the blue sparkle one in the middle of the palette on my eyelids and the other pink in the corners of my eyes to try to achieve unicorn status. To be honest, I use the highlighters in this more on my eyes than on the rest of my face. 3 of the shades are creamy and easy to blend, the other two are highly-pigmented powder, so I like having the options too.

And finally, I’ve been using this MAC Powder Blush in Fleur Power for 2.5 years now – the same one!! Wow, I just had to search my emails to find out when I bought it – seriously impressed it’s lasted this long as it’s another that I really do use every day. Any picture you see of me on here, I’m most likely wearing it. It’s a colour that blends well on me to make me look a bit more healthy – if I don’t wear it, people comment that I look ill, nice!


Laroc Cosmetics Natural Shades Professional 120 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

As I said above, I used the Sleek Highlighting Palette on my eyes, but I also used the absolutely huge Laroc Cosmetics Natural Shades Professional 120 Colour Eyeshadow Palette to create a base with one of the light beige shades and a darker brown in the crease of my eyelid (look, I learned some make up words!) for more definition before using the sparkles from the highlighters. This palette is amazing, seriously. I don’t wear eyeshadow day to day but more for occasions, and I usually reach for nude, matte shades right now, so it’s ideal for me.

Also can I just add that I’m pretty sure their font is the same or very similar to the American Horror Story one?! Very much reminds me of Coven which is a big plus for me!

I’ll also add here about the brushes – these also came from Just My Look and are the Real Techniques Flawless Base Set. I should add that I only bought my first real set of make up brushes last year, and these are quite a luxury to me! The brush part was really soft, not like an old scratchy one I’d been using forever, and I love the bright metallic orange. Plus they have a handy carry case.


Make Me Matte Lipstick Mattifier by Saturated Colour review

The NYX Lingerie in Seduction lipstick is my go-to lips look at the moment for going out. For day-to-day wear, I go for more pale pinks, but still matte. Big change from my old red all the time look! I’m addicted to matte lipsticks so this Make Me Matte Lipstick Mattifier by Saturated Colour was a very welcome addition from Just My Look – I wore it over the top of the NYX lipstick too, and while it didn’t make a huge difference to this since it was already pretty matte, it will definitely help me to wear old shades in my lipstick drawer that aren’t as matte as I’d like them to be currently.

Shop this look here:

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