Surprise! We’re going to Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney World!

Disneyland Paris jumping photo

If you read my personal blog, you’ll probably know that Ben and I have been trying to book a holiday in September/October for about…10 months now! We were being ridiculously indecisive – blame it on us both being Libras – and going back and forth on where to go. It spanned everything from all inclusive cruises in the sun to Airbnb trips around the UK and city breaks in Europe. But when Ben, who I have finally converted into a total Disney addict told me not to get too excited but Disneyland Paris might be on the cards, I was shocked. In fact, I was doubly shocked considering this

If you clicked the link, you’ll now know surprise number 1: we’re going on honeymoon to Walt Disney World in September 2018!

BUT WAIT, there’s a surprise number 2: we’re going to Disneyland Paris…next week!

My birthday is at the end of September, and we’ve discovered that this is really one of the best times to travel pretty much anywhere in the world. There are no school holidays, weather is usually good and prices are slightly cheaper. So my birthday has become an excellent excuse to book holidays. And Disneyland Paris just happened to have an offer that caught Ben’s eye and appealed to the idea that we wanted to do something fun, rather than laying around the sun, but also something that was pretty easy and close to home.

I’m going to get a move on with my WDW 2017 photo diary posts so I can hopefully get those complete before this trip, then I’ll have plenty of Disneyland Paris content to keep you going! In Florida this year, I filmed lots of small video clips to create montages like my Magic Kingdom one, then realised these are hard work to edit. So in DLP, I’m planning to do some more vlog style videos – talking to camera rather than having to edit clips together and fill music over them. In fact, since Ben’s discovered Tim Tracker, you might even get some videos from him! Is there anything specific you’d like to see? Make sure to subscribe to me on YouTube to see any videos I do publish – I might even give Live a go!

I’ve been to Disneyland Paris twice before – once, in the above photo, with my sister in 2014; and once with a group of friends in 2013. Ben’s only been once, and this was his only Disney experience before meeting me! He went with school and can only really remember a friend falling or jumping off a wall he wasn’t supposed to…great story. So we’re excited to experience it together this time, with him as a fully fledged Mouseketeer! I’ve been keeping up with Amy & Livvy’s trip recent trip here and I’m super excited to see the 25th anniversary celebrations. Any tips?

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