5 Perfect Coats for Autumn/Winter 17

I normally tend to buy a new sensible coat every couple of years as well as usually purchasing a “trend” focused coats each year, but I’ve never really been a massive fan of coats. To be honest, they’re just something I’ve got to throw on to get to and from the car over the top of an outfit that I’ve taken more care in choosing. But recently I’ve been noticing more and more coats as I’ve scanned shopping sites – I swear, I was trying to look at the sales and just tripped and fell into the New In sections – and noticed more than a few coats I really like. So today I’m sharing a few of my fave coats for Autumn/Winter 17:

Hobbs Women's Natural Tia Camel Coat

I’m blaming my colleague Hannah for this one, but camel coats *heart eyes*! Hannah sent me this article at Stylist about how camel coats are the most popular autumn winter coats, and we all know how I’m perpetually swayed by trends. I hopped over to Lyst to search for them and came across an absolute plethora (I love that word) of camel coats that I really really had to have. Unfortunately I don’t have £450 to spare right now – especially with Christmas, wedding and honeymoon on the horizon – but this one from Hobbs would be winging its way to me now if I did. And that’s why this is a trend post rather than a wishlist or shopping list – because all the wishing in the world won’t make these coats happen in my wardrobe!

Aquascutum Trench Coat

Then there’s the skirted trench coats from Aquascutum – oh, trench coat, how you elude me! I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls who just looks cool and put together in a trench coat but, alas, I always look kind of scruffy and creased somehow. Nevertheless, I will continue to add them to my trend reports and wishlists as they just look so classic and chic. One day I’ll pull one off properly, just wait and see. Plus Glamour told me they were on trend this season #sorrynotsorry.

Collectif Pearl Coat

I have some serious love for these Collectif coats, even though they’re hardly remotely sensible and make me look like I’ve strolled straight out of the 40s on my way to the theatre. So chic, much sophisticated.

Embroidered Biker Jacket

ALL the embroidery! I’m not entirely sure if this is still a trend any more – I can’t keep up! – but in my eyes, this is sticking around. I’ve actually (maybe…) already got this jacket and have been wearing it non-stop all week with either my giant blanket scarf or a cozy knitted mustard one. So if that’s not a perfect coat for autumn 17, I don’t know what is.

Zara Pink Suede Trench Coat

Put together Millennial Pink and a trench coat, throw in a bit of suede for good measure – Zara have got it down this season with this one.

And one coat which I shall not be buying or wearing this season – this one from ASOS. Yes, it looks cozy and warm. Yes, it’s a lovely autumnal colour. But no, sorry, I just can’t get over the fact that it looks like my old coats from the 90s that were worn specifically for horse riding and dog walks.

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