How to achieve the “dream body” that YOU want

Your dream body may be completely different to somebody else’s dream body. The fact is, one person may want lots of definition, while another may want huge muscles, and another might want to look slender. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your dream body, as long as you’re healthy and you feel good!

However, there are a few things you’ll need to cover on the journey to your dream body if you’re going to get there at all. It isn’t just about hitting the gym every day or dieting. Read on to find out what you need to cover if you want to achieve great things with your physique:


Your Specific Goals

First off, you need to have a long think about what your specific goals are. This will help you to keep on pushing towards your dream body, as well as develop a routine that works for your goals. If you walk into the gym without a goal or eat without a goal, chances are, you’ll make minimal improvements. You may even end up staying exactly the same, and this is what puts most people off after a couple of weeks or months.

Do you want to build muscle? Do you want to reach a healthier weight? Do you want to get lean? Make sure you know what your goals are and even go as far as writing them down to commit to them.

Your Attitude And Mindset

Now, your attitude and mindset is the next thing you need to tackle. If you’ve ‘failed’ at reaching your goals in the past, it’s likely because of your attitude and mindset at the time. Do you deep down believe that you can’t achieve what you want for some reason? Do you believe that it’s too hard? Or do you have the attitude of work out for a few months, get close to your goal, and then go back to the way you were before because it’s easier? People do this all the time, so don’t feel guilty.

All you have to do is really inspect your mindset and your limiting beliefs, and then do what you can to overcome them. The truth is, there’s absolutely no valid reason you can’t reach your goals. Many things people come up with are simple excuses, even if they appear to be valid reasons in disguise. Clue: ‘I don’t have time’ is a really bad excuse. Everybody has time, it’s just not a priority to you.

Your Knowledge On The Subject Of Health And Fitness

Don’t just buy plan after plan and pay trainer after trainer without improving your knowledge on the subject of health and fitness. How will you ever know if you have a plan that works, or a trainer that knows what they’re talking about if you don’t know yourself? They aren’t all created equal, and teaching yourself can save a lot of mistakes in the long run.

You can learn plenty of things online from different reputable resources, such as qualified vloggers and bloggers. You could even choose to become qualified yourself, which many do when they realise just how passionate they are about fitness. You can study for your course here. You don’t need to get a qualification, though. Simply reading books and articles and watching lots of videos will help you. There’s plenty of conflicting information, so you will still need to go trial and error to see what works for you.

A Workout Plan You Can Stick To

A workout plan you can stick to is something you enjoy. Now, obviously if your goal is to build some definition, you won’t go on runs 3 times a week. You can still run if you enjoy it, but working those muscles is the only way to get definition. Make sure you find a plan that works for you.

A Routine That Works For You

A routine that works for you is also important. It’s all well and good having a plan, but if you’re sporadic, you won’t get results. Consistency is the key here. When are you best at working out, in the morning, or the evening? Many people prefer to work out in the morning to avoid the crowds and make sure they get it done!

Meal Prep

Not everybody has to meal prep to be successful, but it sure does help. Especially if you’re out of the house all day! You don’t need to carry boxes of salads with you. You need proper nutrition and plenty of calories to fuel your workouts. However, you should make healthy and filling meals yourself to avoid that shop bought rubbish.


Your Current Body Type

You can transform your body into almost anything you’d like it to be (maybe not literally, like a car or a motorbike). However, your current body type can play a role in how quick and successful you are. If you’re naturally very thin and struggle to gain weight, you will need to alter your plans to suit that, e.g., eating lots more food. If you hold weight really easily, then you may need to make sure you’re eating fats/carbohydrates/proteins in the proper ratios to ensure better fat loss and no ‘skinny fat’ look. You should never, ever cut out an entire food group, as it isn’t sustainable and as soon as you start eating it again you’ll undo your work. Consistency and sustainability are the keys people.

Your Lifestyle

If you work in an office like me, aim to get more steps in each day. Park further away, and take the stairs more often. If you’re always on your feet, then you can probably afford to avoid cardio in the gym. You don’t want to end up doing too much/too little because of your lifestyle.


Remember; your life and mental health come first. While it’s fine to pass up on occasions where you eat your body weight in pizza every so often, make sure you do say yes once in awhile. Treat yourself. If you genuinely need a day off due to your mental health, take it. Balance is key. Once you have that, you will find reaching your goals far easier!

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