How to entice prospective clients with your office design

Sewing room & home office reveal

An office can be made attractive to potential clients either through the initial decoration or through a complete office refurbishment. Potential clients are impressed when they walk into neat and presentable environments, improving your chances of securing their work at the same time.

Creating an office that will make a positive first impression to customers is easy and affordable. The following simple guidelines outline how an unappealing office can be turned into one that wows potential clients.

Refurbish Your Office Design with Modern Furniture

Doing away with outdated furniture is one of the best ways to go about starting your office renovation. Sturdy, wooden furniture lasts for an extended period of time and, in the long run, saves the company financially, however, it doesn’t add any aesthetic value to the office. The current furniture market is offering a wide range of modern and attractive designs that can transform your workspace appearance for the better. You should also put into consideration furniture that has health benefits for your employees.

Keep office equipment up to date

An office with the latest technology is sure to make a statement to your clients. Modern computers, printers and other up to date equipment stand out and portray a company that is dynamic and organised. This will score a company great points with potential clients.

Include interior decoration

A bright environment motivates your employees as well as your potential clients. Office redecoration may include adding inspirational posters, art pieces or inventive furniture. The decor is dependent on the type of company. A marketing agency’s decor should be stylish and bright while a law firm should be more formal. You could also grow some office plants as they make the environment healthier and livelier.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

It may seem like a simple office fit out technique, but it can do wonders for your office appearance. Adding colour to all or some of the walls can bring about a beautiful burst of colour that will instantly improve your office design. However, it is key to remember that your choice of colour should be in line with your brand.

Different colours in the office can transmit different messages to your clients. Some colours can promote creativity and intensity whilst others can present your company as laid back and easy to work with. Whatever message you want to send out, there is always a colour to help.

Think About the floor covering

Eye-catching commercial flooring absorbs sound and is a clear indication of a flourishing company. Excellent flooring promotes the aesthetic value of an office and gives a positive first impression to potential clients. It’s one of the first aspects of an office that visitors will notice so it is important to get it right.

Consider the outside of the office

Design and create striking signage to indicate to prospective clients that they have arrived at your office. You could plant some flowers along the sidewalks to add some life to your surroundings and it’s absolutely imperative to keep the windows and doors clean on the exterior. There is nothing more off putting than arriving at an office to see the exterior covered in cobwebs and dirt. Include lighting in the parking lot to ensure that all of your visitors feel secure whilst on your premises.

Make it appear simple

All the discussed tips are essential for office renovation, but it is good to keep the environment simple. A crowded and excessive office can have a devastating impact on both clients and employees. A real mess can result in a mental confusion, limiting the focus of your clients and employees.

You should put into consideration aspects like lighting, interior decoration, and air quality and merge them to promote maximum productivity and job satisfaction. In the process, you are also wowing potential clients and employees.


Refurbishing your office can rejuvenate your entire company and act as a channel of change within the organisation. In the final analysis, office renovation takes into consideration the needs of staff and promotes the practicality and competence of the office. It also displays the liveliness of the company to the external environment and improves your brand as a result. Essentially, the effects of a high-quality office refurbishment can be felt throughout the whole company.

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