Kitchen Cosiness: How to Achieve It

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s unfortunate that it is often the coldest and most clinical one, in terms of style anyway. The good news is, if you want your kitchen to be as warm as the rest of your home, and as warm as the feelings that are generated in the space, then there are lot of things you can do…

Patterned Tiles Make an Impact

If there’s one thing that will instantly transform the average kitchen from cold and clinical to warm and cosy, it is undoubtedly patterned tiles. White, cream and chrome might be all the rage right now, but you really can’t beat a set of vibrant Moroccan tiles if you want your kitchen to ooze warmth.

Bench Seating Increased Cosiness

Investing in a dining table with bench is another fantastic way of increasing warmth because it looks a little less formal, and it encourages the family to sit and eat together in close proximity, which is always nice. If you’re thinking, benches are a bit cheap and picnic-y, think again! There are lots of modern designs which look fantastic and bring the warmth.

Darker Wood Works

There seems to be a trend for light and airy kitchens right now, and it’s easy to see why because they can make the space seem bigger, and they’re definitely brighter, however, dark wood is undoubtedly a lot warmer, and if you complement it with lots of soft light, you won’t feel like you’re living in a Victorian scullery, but a cosy, comfortable modern kitchen!

Forget the Kitchen Lighting

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Why do we tend to use different lighting (halogen mostly) in the kitchen than we do in the rest of the house? What is the point/ all it does is make the kitchen feel more like an office or even worse, a clinical setting, which totally sucks the warmth out of the place! Forget the kitchen lighting and use the same bulbs, lamps and candles you use in the rest of your home.

A Rug is Always Right

Most kitchens have tiled, wooden or otherwise cool flooring, and that’s because it is undeniably practical in a room where a lot of cooking is done, and there is a great potential for spillages and mess, but this can leave the kitchen feeling kind of cool. What can you do about that? Roll out a warm, cosy rug, that’s what!

Wood Exudes Warmth

Instead of installing a kitchen that’s all stone, glass and chrome, consider the benefits of using natural wood, which is naturally warmer. It might not look quite as cutting-edge as the alternatives, but it will function every bit as well and increase the cosiness factor by…oh I don’t know, 80 percent.

Flirt with Fabric

Last, but by no means least, using warmth, floral fabrics on everything from the curtains to the cushions at your table will add comfort, and therefore cosiness, while bringing some much-needed colour to the room.

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