6 Useful Types Medication To Keep Around The House

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We can’t be healthy all the time – there are approximately 3 colds and 1 flu going round the office right now, guess which one I’m just waiting to catch? Eventually, everyone starts to feel a little under the weather or down right ill. It is in times like this when having some medication in the house comes in handy. It can help push the illness away for a little while so you can get on with your day or help alleviate some pain. Either way, these are some useful medication you should keep in the house.


A lot of people have allergies, and antihistamines help to alleviate the symptoms that might present. For people who suffer from hay fever in the summer, antihistamines are a great help. They reduce the sneezing, itchy eyes and all the other unpleasantness that comes with having hay fever. They do work great for people with certain other allergies such as being allergic to animal hair and dust to name a couple. However, you should consult your doctor before taking them. While they can be bought over the counter, some cause drowsiness, and since there are so many different types of antihistamines, there might be some that counteract any other medication that you are taking. Your doctor can advise you on which one is best for you.

Vitamin Tablets

These aren’t exactly medication, but they are tablets, and they are really useful. If you think you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in your daily diet or want to top up your current intake, then you should get some vitamin tablets. They can help you ensure that your body remains healthy and will stop you getting serious illnesses linked to a lack of specific vitamins or minerals. It is always worth having some multivitamin tablets to help give your body a boost every now and again.


Paracetamol is a painkiller. This means that you can take it to reduce the amount of pain coming from an injury or illness. It also works well at reducing high temperatures for if you have a fever. There are many different types of paracetamol, from tablets to liquid form. The liquid paracetamol is generally only used young children and the tablets for adults and older kids. If you are feeling unwell, then some paracetamol can help you to feel better and get on with your day. You need to be careful not to take too much paracetamol and overdose by checking the dosage amounts on the tablet packaging. The recommended dosage will differ from children to adults, so never assume you know what it is and always check first.

Period Delay Tablets

For a woman, a period can sometimes come at the worst possible time. You might have a romantic weekend away planned or are on holiday at the time and a period can throw a real spanner into the works. If this is the case, then having some period delay tablets around can help you out. Having a few around the house can be a big help, and you won’t suddenly need to sort out getting some.


Antacids are used to help with heartburn and indigestion, so if you suffer from this kind of thing then having a few on hand can help. Antacids come in a few different types and help you with your heartburn or indigestion by neutralizing the acid in your stomach. If you suffer from heartburn or indigestion regularly and need to take antacids a lot, then there are stronger versions of this medicine, but you should consult your doctor. Serious or regular heartburn and indigestion could be indicators for a more serious illness, or they can provide advice on the type of antacid that will benefit you the most.

Antiseptic cream or wipes

This again isn’t strictly a medication, but it is worth having around the house. Antiseptic cream or wipes is used on cuts, scrapes and bites to help stop them becoming infected. It kills off the bacteria and cleans away any dirt. You can purchase it from all kinds of places, and it will come in especially useful if you have young children who are prone to have an accident or two in any given week. Having it nestled away in your medicine cupboard or first aid box means that when you need some, you have it on hand. Not using antiseptic cream or wipes can lead to a cut or scrape becoming infected and this will cause you or your child far more pain and discomfort than the small sting the wipe might. Infected wounds, no matter how small, can lead to far more serious health issues so you should always keep a cut or scrape.

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