Alice’s Pig Coat

Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas

Once Halloween is over, I feel like I can finally pull out my winter coats again. That’s not to say I haven’t worn any coats up until now – I’ve been wearing my lighter ones instead: leather jackets, unlined coats, blazers, over the top of cozy cable knits and long sleeves. But now that we’re well into November, the windscreen on my car has been frozen over a couple of mornings, and it almost feels like there’s snow in the air, I’ve decided it’s finally the time for coats.

The problem was that my winter coats were all starting to look a little shabby. This old mustard one is a favourite and I’m still wearing it this season, but there are only so many times you can wear it every single day! Here’s where I wore it back in 2012 when it was new, so you can see how it’s started to look a little rough around the edges now!

Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas

So I decided I’d buy a new winter coat this season. The last proper winter coat I bought was in 2014, so I thought I was probably due a new one! I looked at coats that were “on trend”, got a new leather jacket, bought a coat from New Look off ASOS that turned out to be way too big for some reason, then decided to turn my mind and shopping habits elsewhere.

I realised that the main place I’ve been shopping recently is ASOS. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I really wasn’t diversifying my wardrobe much, nor was I exploring other options I had. On top of that, I was spending more than I needed to. I’d often decide I wanted a pink cord skirt, for example, then go straight to ASOS since I have next day free delivery with them and they have a huge range. I’d find something a little bit like what I wanted, then add to my order because it was free delivery, I had a discount code, I got ASOS points that added up to a voucher, so why not? Then whenever there was a sale or a big discount, I’d trawl the site to find something I liked because I felt like I had to take advantage of it.

So pretty much everything I’ve bought recently has come from ASOS. A lot of these things I like; some of them, not so much. It was the value and ease of shopping there that I really liked.

Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas

I decided to explore different options – more independent brands, more British designers. I’ve always been a big fan of Rebecca at A Clothes Horse’s style, so when I saw her wearing a tartan coat in this post, I decided to check out the site it came from.

The site is called Alice’s Pig – their collection is described as “vintage fashion with a modern edge”, something I’ve previously aspired to, and I think I might do again. Upon delving further into their site, I realised I didn’t just like their style, but also their ethics – they refuse to exploit their staff, they handpick each and every one of their fabrics, rigorously test the designs and reject fast fashion – the very thing I realised I’m addicted to.

So I dived into their coat category and found the one for me: the Dorys Dallas. The exact one is now out of stock, but they have several other Dallases in various stunning colour choices. The coat was £139, which is significantly more than my usual clothing choices cost, but I felt it was an investment into not only a piece of clothing, but a brand I want to support.

Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas

And it’s funny. I normally buy from sites like ASOS for their quick and free delivery because I’m a stereotypical millennial who needs the stuff I buy to arrive right here and right now. I’d expected to have to put in the long wait for this coat to arrive, but it came within two days of ordering – a fine achievement, I must say!

On top of that, the coat is beautiful. The full skirt has twirlability, it has pockets (very deep ones, I have to add!) and pretty pearlescent buttons. The wool fabric makes it ideal as a heavier winter coat, and it’s also fully lined with a silk-feel viscose in a bright complementary shade. The tartan is perfect for autumn and winter for me, mixing in the burnt oranges of autumn and the deep green of winter. I’m excited to wear this though to 2018 and for years to come!

Oh and by the way, I’d recommend sizing down in these coats, as they suggest on the site. I’m usually a size 8-10 but always choose a 10 in coats to leave room for jumpers in winter. The coat was only available in a size 8, so I decided to take the risk and hope it would fit. In fact, there’s a little bit of room to spare!

And stay tuned for the rest of the outfit underneath it – this coat just needed a whole post for itself!

Outfit details

Coat: Alice’s Pig | Dress: Memade | Shoes: Primark

Alice's Pig Tartan Coat - Dorys Dallas

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  1. emilyunderworld
    November 10, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Wow, that coat is absolutely beautiful! I’ve never heard of Alice’s Pig, I’ll check them out.
    – Emily from

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