If you can dream it, you can do it – Disneyland Paris Outfit

Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound

Let’s hark back again to September when Ben and I took a trip to Disneyland Paris and another outfit from there! I’ve shared my first day outfit on the blog here as well as my packing list here, and this outfit is another remix of the items I took – I don’t think I actually wore any of those outfits the way that I put them together in that post!

I wore this outfit for part 2 of our first day – see my trip report for this part at Disney Days here. We’d planned to go out in the late afternoon and evening for a meal at the Lucky Nugget, but due to unfortunate circumstances (every restaurant in the park being closed except for proper table service ones), we didn’t get to eat there! In the end, I’d actually dressed up a little bit for nothing, but luckily it was still comfortable!

Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound

I bought this pink scalloped skirt from ASOS in the week leading up to our trip because I realised I don’t own a pink skirt. But seriously, I felt like I most definitely needed something fun like this to pair with my Disney T shirts that had a bit of a Disney feel, and this was ideal.

I paired it up with a basic old grey tee from Primark with the quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it” – did you know Walt Disney didn’t actually say this? That’s a quote that’s often attributed to him, but is actually really only inspired by him. Personally I love anything inspired by Disney – for example, baby names inspired by Disney films are my absolute favourite – so this T shirt is a firm favourite too.

Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound

I, of course, wore my new Minnie Mouse Superga trainers because they were really comfortable and we had quite a few hours left to explore the parks that afternoon and evening. I wasn’t quite sure if they’d look alright with the skirt, and I’m still not entirely sure it’s the best look, but it was much more comfortable that way!

Then to finish off the outfit, as well as my denim jacket, my memade Daisy ears! I’m calling them “Daisy ears” since they’re decorated with what look like daisies, but with the pink band, white and yellow of the daisies, I think they’re pretty Daisy Duck inspired. With the pink skirt, I think this is close enough to being a Daisy Duck Disney Bound – what do you think?

Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound

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