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I came across Logojoy a few months ago when Ben and I were playing around at designing a website and wanted a quick logo. I’ve designed logos myself a few times for blogs – these haven’t been anything fancy, mostly just a fancy font I found with a little icon, or using Canva templates more recently. This time, we just wanted something really quick to mock something up, and Logojoy popped up.

I’ve now been given the opportunity by Logojoy to try out their service in full and am reporting back!

Logojoy Review

The Logojoy homepage and process is super simple – the first page you come to is the first step of creating your logo, see above. You simply enter your brand name then hit the button to “Get Started”, and you’re guided through the steps.

I tried out the Logojoy service on a new blog I’m setting up (YES ANOTHER, I KNOW). Adventure Is Out There is a domain I set up for my friend, but when she no longer wanted it and it accidentally renewed, I decided to keep it. It’s a phrase that has a lot of meaning to us Disney fans, and it’s a bit of a life motto for me too. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for more information on this blog, but for now you’ll get a sneak preview of what the branding will be!

Logojoy review

The next step was to pick out 5 or more logos I liked from a list of options given to me. I picked out a few that had a simple, approachable font and colour scheme then headed on to the next step:

Logojoy review

Colour! This one was a little more difficult for me – choosing the logos I liked from the previous step was easy because I went by intuition of what my eye was drawn to, but with colours, my favourites constantly change. In the end, the colours I picked didn’t actually make it into my logo and branding which is very interesting – I moved away from them!

Logojoy review

The final stage before I was presented with a logo was to choose some symbols that reflected the brand – there was a search bar into which I typed “blogging” so added a pencil and “mountains” brought up a simple mountain image. You can see these down the left hand side.

Logojoy review

And finally, the reveal!

So here’s how Logojoy works – there isn’t a person sat on the other end of your screen receiving all your answers to the mini quiz you’ve just taken. Logojoy asks you to take this quiz in order to determine the kind of styles and colours you like along with what you want your brand to be. It then takes this inspiration into a fancy algorithm behind the scenes, and artificial intelligence creates you the logos of your dreams!

At this stage, you’re presented with a roll of logos based on the choices you’ve made. I scrolled along this until I found one that caught my eye and selected it. That then took me to this stage:

Logojoy review

Seeing your logo in action – how cool is that?! You’re presented with the logo on business cards, T shirts and more, so that you can check out how it looks in various formats. Is it just me that wants the T shirt on the right now?

Logojoy review

At this stage, you’re given the opportunity to tweak your logo – you can change the font, the colours, the layout and the symbol. My original choice had the text over two lines but I was wanting it as a blog header in the first place, so I chose to change the writing onto just one line. I also played around with different colours and ended up putting a gold foil onto the mountains.

As part of the review, I was able to access the premium service to download the logo – this service normally costs $65, but includes the high res logo, vector files, transparent background, black/white versions, full copyright ownership, the ability to make changes and re-download and brand guidelines including font names and colours. I also opted for the $9 social media kit on top of this which gives you 40+ versions of the logo for social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest, favicon and more. There is also a $20 basic option which gives you a low res version of the logo, and a $165 Enterprise package which gives you a one hour design consultation with an expert.

Logojoy review
Blog Logo

And here it is in place with the standard version of the logo as the header on the blog, plus the profile and cover images ready made for Facebook: Logojoy review

While I was given the opportunity to review this service, personally I would pay to use this service again. The $65 package plus the $9 social media kit is totally worth it in my opinion. As someone with no background in design and all my experience being entirely self-taught, I’ve spent so many hours trying to make tiny tweaks to logos and designs to end up with something I’m still not entirely happy with.

When using Logojoy, it was really simple. Most people will know I’m really indecisive, so being able to take a quick quiz first to gauge what sort of thing I liked and my inspirations made it much easier. Tweaks were also super easy to make at the design stage. I went from absolutely no idea what sort of logo I wanted to a fully designed logo with social media icons and pictures all included and ready to use in about 10 minutes. For me, that’s entirely worth the price in terms of time saving and ending up with something I’m happy with.

So stay tuned to find out more about this logo and blog!


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