The Perfect Christmas Gift for Him

The countdown is on and before we know it the shopping centres will be rammed full of shoppers’ panic buying and facing the disappointment of products selling out. If you want to get ahead of the crowds this Christmas then start your shopping today so that you are not fighting through the hoards of manic people in December. More people than ever are turning to online shopping and it certainly makes the whole process that bit less daunting. If you start placing your orders now then you are less likely to end up with missing out on the popular gifts that sell out quickly.

Obviously, not all men have the same tastes but if you are looking for some ideas of what are going to be popular gifts for men this year, look no further!

For the gamer

Whether it drives you up the wall or not, if he is a video game junkie then you can never go wrong with a new game for his console. With some new games hitting the shelves such as Super Mario Odyssey, Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II, there is a good selection to choose from. Another popular gift for the gamers out there is a gaming chair. Not only will he be able to sit and relax to play his game, you will be looking after his posture too!

For the sports fan

If he loves his sports then he will probably appreciate a gift that treats him to something related to this interest. For the golfers, you could book a game for him at a top course; treat him to some new balls or an item of clothing. The football or rugby fans may fancy their club’s latest shirt or if you can get hold of some match tickets, even better if he loves to go to watch games.

Cycling is becoming a hugely participated in activity and you can find all sorts of great gifts related to cycling. From a new jacket to a gadget that measures their pace and distance, there are loads of cycling related presents you could impress him with.

For Mr Gadget

Smartphones have taken over the world it would seem and the next craze is the smartwatch. You can leave the phone at home whilst you go for a run and still receive messages, make calls or listen to music. If he likes his gadgets and technology, the chances are very high that he will appreciate a smartwatch. The prices vary from the more reasonable £100 up to much higher depending on the style. Another great gift idea is a new smartphone or other smart gadgets like the Amazon Echo.

For the snappy dresser

If he likes to look the part when he goes out or when he goes to work then a new set of cufflinks will probably go down a treat. If he appreciatess a bit of luxury and style then he may love a set of gold cufflinks. Other jewellery ideas like bracelets, rings or a new watch will also help him to look dapper this Christmas. Thomas Sabo and Emporio Armani both offer a very stylish range of men’s jewellery for you to have a look at.

Steel bracelets are also a popular choice of men’s jewellery but it all comes down to the personal taste of the individual. A nice scarf can keep him warm as well as help him to stay at the height of fashion! Superdry has a nice selection of men’s scarves in at the minute.


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