The Most Instagrammable Spots in Disneyland Paris

Spamming Instagram with photos of our Disney trips isn’t just something Disney bloggers do, you know! Every Disney addict who’s on social media wants to get that perfect Disney Insta shot, and fortunately while we were in Disneyland Paris in September, the weather was lovely enough that I was able to snap plenty of Insta-worthy photos.

So today I’m sharing the most Instagrammable spots in Disneyland Paris, at least according to my last trip. There are plenty I missed out because we simply didn’t have time or I passed them by – there are only so many photos you can take! Oh well, I’d better book another trip to get these ;D

The Castle…duh

Disneyland Paris outfit in September with Mickey jumper & jeans

Disneyland Paris outfit in September with Mickey jumper & jeans

Disneyland Paris outfit in September with Mickey jumper & jeans

You can’t come home from a Disney trip without at least a few hundred pictures of the iconic castle! I personally (and perhaps somewhat controversially!) think that Disneyland Paris’ Sleeping Beauty Castle (or Chateau du Belle au Bois Dormant) is the most beautiful of all the Disney castles. The pretty (Millennial!) pink, the grassy slopes and sheer rocky outcrops, the cuboid trees taken straight from the original film animation Sleeping Beauty itself…sigh.

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Station yourself at the hub, the side of the castle, the bridge, the entrance to the park – there are so many different shots you can get of the castle. Make sure to check out what decorations or statues are set up at the hub on your visit – our last trip saw the 25th anniversary blue & silver decorations. The most iconic shots of the castle are, of course, from…

Main Street USA

Disneyland Paris outfit in September with Mickey jumper & jeans

Disneyland Paris donut Main Street USA

Main Street USA is an absolute treasure trove for Instagram photos. The stereotypical old small town America shop fronts, the colourful doorways, the vehicles and people that wander up and down…I could go on! I’ve picked out a couple of views here – one looking down toward the castle with a 25th anniversary doughnut in hand, and one of those small “Disney details” we spotted in one of the offshoot areas half way down Main Street – a “Dapper Dan” mirror which allows the onlooker to see how they might look with a moustache!

Liberty Arcade & Discovery Arcade

Disneyland Paris outfit in September with Mickey jumper & jeans

Disneyland Paris differs from the standard Main Street USA design with its arcades running behind the buildings on either side. Liberty Arcade is nearest Frontierland and displays memorabilia, information and a mini “show” on the Statue of Liberty; Discovery Arcade is nearest Discoveryland and celebrates innovation and imagination with displays of (sometimes wacky!) patents, inventions, ideas for the future and more.

These are arcades are not only a fascinating hidden Disney detail that are often overlooked by those heading for the rides and shows, but they’re also gorgeous, lit by gas lamps with colour, patterned tiling floors and green ironwork pillars.

Disneyland Hotel & Fantasia Gardens

Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound

Disneyland Hotel Disneyland Paris

The Disneyland Hotel and Fantasia Gardens make up the stunning grand entrance to Disneyland Park, and they are so gorgeous. The hotel itself is (again!) shades of Millennial pink and looks like a castle itself – you’d be forgiven for thinking this was the main castle! The gardens are filled with pretty flower displays, greenery, babbling brooks, water fountains, bridges and more. You definitely need to make sure to spend some time here before heading into the park – don’t just run straight through!

It’s a Small World

Disneyland Paris outfit in September with Mickey jumper & jeans

The pretty pastels of Fantasyland’s iconic It’s a Small World make it ideal for the perfect Instagram snap – stand back and fit in the whole building with the blue sky behind and green grass in front, or get up close with the ever-ticking clock on the quarter of an hour for a quick show for your Instagram story.

To be honest, the whole of Fantasyland is an Instagram snap waiting to happen!

Frontierland’s Halloween Decorations

Disneyland Paris Frontierland's Halloween Decorations Disneyland Paris Frontierland's Halloween Decorations


Sorry if you’re not there around Halloween, but how gorgeous are these fall decorations?! If you’re an autumn addict like me, these will fit your Instagram theme fantastically.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

If you can manage to get a shot as the jets of water shoot out when the runaway mine train drops, this would make an excellent Instagram shot!

Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion)

Disneyland Paris outfit - Primark sweatshirt, Hell Bunny Capris & Superga trainers

You can’t bypass the opportunity to look scary or scared outside Phantom Manor!

Walt’s – an American Restaurant

Walt's Disneyland Paris

Walt’s American Restaurant, located half way down Main Street USA, is beautiful both inside and out. Traditionally 1920s style like the rest of the street outside, the interior has the bust of Walt downstairs as well as a piano and photos of Walt on antique tables; the carpeted stairway hosts place to more old photos of Walt, then the upstairs where the restaurant is located is split into various different rooms, each themed on a different part of the park. They’re stunning, and if you decide to eat there, I recommend taking a look into each room.

Partners Statue – Walt Disney Studios Park

Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck Disneybound


Heading over to the Walt Disney Studios Park now. This admittedly has fewer Instagrammable spots, but those that are there are excellent. Take, for example, the Walt and Mickey Partners Statue – don’t leave without a snap of this!

Other notable mentions in Walt Disney Studios Park include the iconic Tower of Terror and its gardens in the queue area, the Fantasia statues in the entrance with Sorceror Mickey, the Studios building entrance and the new Paris area and the interior of the Ratatouille queue area.

Disney Village’s “Instagram Wall”

Disneyland Paris outfit - Primark sweatshirt, Hell Bunny Capris & Superga trainers

(as dubbed by me!)

I kept seeing this wall that had been decorated for the 25th anniversary and decided it should be Disneyland Paris’ Instagram Wall, like THE Purple Wall in Walt Disney World! I plan to look out for more of these Disney Instagram walls next year in Florida.

PanoraMagique (Characters in Flight) & Lac Buena Vista

Disneyland Paris Instagrammable locations


Disneyland Paris outfit - Primark sweatshirt, Hell Bunny Capris & Superga trainers


And the final one (for now!) – around Lac Buena Vista, you get stunning views of the hotels and PanoraMagique (also known as Characters in Flight in Florida). Because hot air balloons are definitely Insta-worthy!

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The most Instagrammable spots in Disneyland Paris

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