Healthier Ways to Overcome Stress

Many of us fall into bad habits such as smoking and drinking to help us deal with problems in our life. Sadly, these only introduce more bad side effects that will ultimately change how we behave and some of them can even cause our health to decline as a result. Smoking, for example, can not only cause damage to your own body but also the people around you.

To help you overcome stress more easily, here are a couple of healthier ways to lower stress without putting your health at risk.

Find entertaining distractions. There are plenty of health and entertaining ways to reduce your stress. For instance, some people love to play video games as a way to calm their nerves and it allows them to focus on things other than the negative points in their lives.
Use physical activity. Physical activity is a great way to both get fit and also keep your body distracted. Whether it’s a brisk walk or a bit of dancing, physical activity can lower your levels of stress.
Sleep longer at night. Most adults don’t get nearly enough sleep at night, so make sure you aim for at least 7 hours to ensure you wake up feeling fantastic.
Choose a better alternative. Lastly, if you do have to resort to bad habits in order to reduce your stress levels, pick up something similar that isn’t as harmful and slowly try to phase the bad habits out of your life. For instance, if you’re a smoker, consider e-cigarettes. If you drink a lot of alcohol, switch to a substitute such as non-alcoholic drinks.

Of course, you can’t trust every company to offer non-alcoholic beer that is healthy for you and a surprising number of e-cigarette companies are actually owned by tobacco companies. Take a look at this informative chart for more information.

Infographic by: Who Owns All The Vaping Brands

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