5 Dainty Engagement Rings

Raw Diamond Engagement Ring Proposal

I’ve never been a fan of big, chunky jewellery on me. On others, it looks amazing; it just drowns me. I don’t know if that’s because of my bone structure or my features, my pale skin or my personal tastes, but it’s safe to say that I much prefer small, dainty jewellery. On top of that, I’m much less likely to injure myself with a heavy, swinging necklace or chunky bangle!

I’ll tell you a secret – I had quite a lot of say in my engagement ring. For years, I’d wanted an opal ring as my engagement ring. I’d seen the perfect one in an antiques shop when I was 19 but couldn’t persuade Ben to buy it then…fair enough! And of course, it sold shortly afterwards. I then spent the next few years keeping my eye on every opal ring in every antiques shop, hoping a similar one would pop up.

In the end, one did appear but it wasn’t the same. The one I’d seen had a small opal front and centre with 2 teeny tiny diamonds on either side, set on a tarnished gold band. This one was a larger central opal on a more shiny gold band. Ben bought it for me as a gift (which I then promptly lost for 2 years…we ended up finding it in the pocket of a pair of his shorts!) because it was pretty and to my taste, but not right as an engagement ring.

As I’ve said before, Ben and I have been together since I was 17, so we knew for a long time that we would get married. That gave me plenty of time to drop Ben lots of hints! In the end, I’d actually picked out a few rings I liked online and left the decision up to him. And by some magic, he picked the one I secretly liked best!

I like whimsical and unusual in engagement rings. They appeal to my style if they’re unique and tell a story. While I think solitaire diamonds look stunning and bold on other people, on me they just blend in.

So here are 5 dainty engagement rings that you might like if you have a similar taste to me:

Doron Merav Leaves Engagement Ring
Doron Merav Leaves Engagement Ring

First up, my ring! Or at least the updated version of my ring. This is from Doron Merav on Etsy who has literally hundreds of stunning dainty rings, inspired by nature, with twisted Celtic designs, using 100% recycled gold and non-conflict diamonds. He’s able to custom make rings so mine is a custom version of this with a raw diamond picked out by Ben and in a half size.

Rose gold diamond engagement ring
Kayla Rose Gold Diamond Ring

The Kayla rose gold diamond ring from Angelic Diamonds is a little more on the chunky side for the band but still delicate enough with the single diamond embedded into the metal. I love this idea since I imagine it will hold the diamond more securely in place.

Catbird Opal Engagement Ring
Catbird Opal Engagement Ring

Returning to my opal ring roots! This ring features an ever-so-dainty 2mm Australian opal and a commitment to ethical production.

Sarah Brown Jewellery Reef Point Ring
Sarah Brown Jewellery Reef Point Ring

I think I have a thing for nature-inspired rings, based on the ones I kept trying to choose for this post! I love the delicacy of this one and the way the diamond sits embedded in it.

We’re possibly considering getting our wedding rings from here – a decision we need to make very soon, less than 6 months to go!

Envero Jewellery Engagement ring set
Envero Jewellery Engagement ring set

This is a more unique one as it’s a set of stacking engagement rings, all dainty and gorgeous. I love the tiny jewel on the main ring with the twisted tangle of rings beside it.

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